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Health and Safety News

£60,000 compensation for Nottingham City Council worker

£60,000 compensation for Nottingham City Council worker

Health and Safety News

Following injuries caused by ongoing and excessive use of vibrating tools, Andrew Bowler, a council worker for Nottingham City Council, has been awarded £60,000 compensation.

Having worked as a gardener for the Council for nearly 30 years, Mr Bowler started to experience tingling in his hands and fingers a few years ago, causing him discomfort and pain. In addition, he developed ongoing weakness and muscle aches.

As the injuries continued to worsen, he was forced to seek medical advice, and in 2008 he underwent surgery on his hands having been confirmed as having Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. 

Although the surgery has helped to relieve some of the symptoms he was experiencing, Mr Bowler will be a victim of the the injuries for the rest of his life, suffering great discomfort.

As a result of his condition, he had no other option but to change job roles to one that doesn't involve using vibrating tools or machinery. Even though this change has been a positive move for his own health and safety, Mr Bowler can only manage to work three days a week to avoid further putting his health at risk

Due to the significant health problems that he had experienced whilst working for the organisation, Mr Bowler decided to seek compensation from the council by making a carpal tunnel syndrome claim. It was felt that the council should have known more about the potential dangers that excessive use of vibrating tools can cause, and put policies and measures in place to ensure the safety of their employees.

It has been reported that Nottinghamshire City Council has admitted liability for the case, and a settlement has been made out of court claiming that Andrew Bowler will receive £60,000 in compensation.


Other News:


A builder based in Huddersfield has been prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) after a wall he was instructed to build collapsed falling on a lady in her sixties.


Cardiff Magistrates Court has recently fined a Gwent based construction company for a serious of significant safety failings.


Salford City Council has been fined £20,000 and ordered to pay £3,632 in prosecution costs after pleading guilty to a breach of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974.


A leading waste management company based in High Wycombe, has been fined a total of £20,000 and ordered to pay costs of £1,542 after admitting two counts of breaching the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974.


A family building company and a West Country Council have been successfully prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).


Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court has fined an Essex based packaging firm after an employee suffered serious leg injuries


A Hartlepool based company who specialises in the provision of industrial radiography services has been successfully prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).


The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has successfully prosecuted a Derbyshire based man who illegally refurbished a bathroom in Chesterfield.


An inspector working for the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) witnessed dangerous working conditions when visiting a site in Brent. Three workers were carrying out tasks on a roof without adequate safety protection


A building contractor has been fined £5,000 and ordered to pay costs of £637 at Bath Magistrates Court after pleading guilty to two breaches of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.


Two men employed by a large multinational logistics company received injuries after working in an unsafe environment.


The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has been successful in prosecuting a Cheshunt based scaffolding company after work on an Oxford department store revealed a series of health and safety failings.


An investigation held by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has revealed that a 75 year old lady living at a care home in Chorley died after choking on a fish and chip supper at an organised entertainment evening.


A Rotherham man has been fined a total of £5,000 and ordered to pay £352 in costs after admitting breaching regulations 3(3), 3(7), 5(3), 7(3) and 26(1) of the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1988


A West Midlands based heating and air-conditioning company has been fined £150,000 and ordered to pay £33,000 costs, after pleading guilty to breaching Section 2(1) of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974.


A Coventry based labourer who was working on a cleaning and maintenance project at a Coventry Foundry suffered three broken ribs after falling five metres.


An investigation carried out by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) into the injuries of a Powys Council worker has revealed significant safety failings.


Chester Magistrates’ Court has fined a local dairy firm £54,000 and ordered to pay costs of £18,553 for breaching the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974.


A farm labourer working on a Driffield based pig farm suffered multiple spine and rib fractures after two straw bales fell from a seven metre high stack.


An employee, suffering from years of reoccurring infections, nausea, insomnia and depression has been diagnosed with lead poisoning. A blood test showed that the worker had over seven times the normal level of lead in his system


The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has successfully prosecuted a Cambridge based farming company after two young men drowned on an area of the Wicken wetland.


A manufacturing company producing limestone based concrete blocks for the building industry has been found guilty of seriously breaching the Health and Safety at Work Act etc. 1974.


A Cornish man working illegally on gas appliances and pipework in the Truro area has been fined for breaching the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 and a breach of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974.


The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has been successful in the prosecution of a well-known Cornish creamery and a specialist fabrication contractor, after a worker died whilst constructing scaffold equipment.


A Health and Safety Executive (HSE) inspection into the death of a worker, who fell through a clear roof panel, has highlighted significant health and safety failings by a Wythenshawe based logistic company.


During the month of February, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) will be inspecting construction sites across the West Midlands, Worcester and Warwickshire. The main aim of their unannounced visits will be to examine poor health and employee welfare.


A fifty year old roofer from Skelmersdale has suffered severe injuries leaving him paralysed from the neck down.


A Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigation into the competence of a Darlington man carrying out gas related work since 2004 has revealed that despite being reported by the Gas Safe Register and HSE warnings, continued to perform dangerous checks, repairs and installations of gas equipment.


A Poole based construction company has been fined £ 6,000, ordered to pay £4,000 in costs and a victim surcharge of £120 after being found guilty of breaching the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2007.


A Health and Safety Executive (HSE) inspection has revealed significant safety failings at a Sunderland based marine engineering company after a fourth year apprentice was killed by a falling tunnel thruster.


An employee working at a Devon based recycling centre sustained serious, life changing injuries which required emergency surgery.


A Burnley based company specialising in the re-upholstery of furniture for the pub and restaurant trade, has been found guilty of exposing over thirty employees to asbestos fibres over a five year period.


Alcohol dependency amongst the UK working population requires early detection according to medical experts.


A demolition site employee suffered severe injuries after his employer failed to meet basic health and safety requirements.


An employee working at an electricity substation suffered extension injuries after his employer failed to uphold safe working practices.


A Surrey textile firm has been found guilty of not providing safe working practices.


One third of Welsh construction sites visited by the HSE in September 2013 failed to meet basic health and safety requirements.


Following a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigation, a well-known city developer has been found guilty of breaching the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 after an employee fell from a collapsing, temporary, working platform.


A circular saw accident which resulted in an employee having four fingers severed has seen a Birmingham plastics firm fined.


The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has been successful in the prosecution of two Birmingham based organisations over the hazardous removal and disposal of asbestos.


The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has just published a new set of guidelines aimed at advising employers on how to prevent accidents in the workplace and improve general health and safety standards.


A road maintenance company based in Wolverhampton have been prosecuted for multiple safety failings that led to a motorcyclist being paralysed after he crashed into traffic signs.


A month long safety initiative aimed at improving safety standards at construction sites has found that nearly half of those work environments examined, fell below expected safety levels.


A glass firm based in the North-East has been prosecuted after almost 200 workers and visitors to the site were possibly exposed to dangerous asbestos fibres.


An asbestos removal manager has appeared in court after employees under his charge were exposed to dangerous and potentially fatal asbestos fibres at a college in Manchester.


A chemical firm has been hit with a bill of more than £150,000 in costs and fines after an explosion at a waste management site in Lancashire left three workers with severe burn injuries.


The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has introduced changes to how injuries in the workplace are reported by businesses.


A yachting company based in Dorset has been prosecuted after safety failings led to a fire breaking out on a ship, an incident that almost cost a worker his life.


Newport City Council has appeared in court after a young boy had his finger amputated after suffering an electric shock at a skate park in the city.


A pharmaceuticals company in the North East region of England has been fined £100,000 after an employee was left fighting for his life when he was sprayed with a toxic gas at the company premises in Northumberland.


A maintenance company in Walsall has been prosecuted after a worker sustained serious injuries when he feel through a fragile roof 11 feet from the ground in Nottingham.


A dairy company and a welding company based in Manchester have both appeared in court after being charged with exposing employees tp asbestos material at a site in Devon.


A company based in Southport faces a bill of more than £100,000 in fines and prosecutions costs after the tragic death of a teenager who rode his motorbike into a metal cable fixed between two trees.


A construction company has been prosecuted after a gas leak in Liverpool city centre provoked fears of an explosion and led to disruption across the city.


An aggregate company based in Kent has been fined in excess of £180,000 after an employee lost his life in an incident involving the lifting equipment of a tipper lorry.


A construction company based in Lincolnshire has been fined and a site manager employed by the firm has been sentenced to community service work after a self-employed bricklayer died when he fell from dangerous scaffolding at a site in Skegness on 26 February, 2010.


A NHS Foundation Trust has been fined more than £350,000 after two separate incidents revealed serious safety failings. One of the incidents saw an elderly patient fall five metres while the other related to a legionella outbreak.


A company in Jarrow has been prosecuted after an employee sustained severe damage to his hand when it was trapped in machinery at the firm's engineering plant.


A building contractor based in Glasgow has appeared in court after a family was exposed to potentially lethal carbon monoxide fumes at a flat in the city.


The owner of a fairground in Skegness has been prosecuted after 22 people, many of whom were young children, were trapped as a result of a malfunctioning amusement ride.


A company based in Bolton involved in the manufacturing of limousines and hearses, has appeared in court after seven of their employees developed a debilitating condition while working at the company over a six and a half year period.


A company based in Southmpton has appeared in court after an instructor of outdoor ativities suffered injuries that caused permanent disability after he used a faulty rope during an exercise aimed at demonstrating parachute landing techniques.


A freight company based in Suffolk has been prosecuted after an employee broke his back when a forklift truck toppled over and dropped its load onto him.


A Hertfordshire company has been charged with safety breaches after one of their trainees sustained multiple fractures in an eight-metre fall from a roof in North London.


The driver of a loading vehicle has been prosecuted after the driver of another vehicle was killed when he reversed the loading shovel into the other man's lorry at a waste site in Cambridgeshire.


Two companies have appeared in court after an archway made of brick and weighing almost two tonnes collapsed injuring two workers at a toffee factory in Newcastle.


A construction company based in Buckinghamshire has been prosecuted after an investigation revealed several safety failings that led to the collapse of two buildings in Westminster.


A tyre services company based in Somerset has been prosecuted after a worker sustained injuries when his trousers got caught up in an unguarded lathe. The man died shortly after the incident as a result of a heart attack.


Two companies have been prosecuted after a large fire in Leeds caused six homes to be evacuated, gas supplies to be cut off and a major roadway to be temporarily closed.


A new safety initiative will be launched today aimed at improving safety at constuction sites at schools and universities during the summer holiday period.


Two companies have been prosecuted after an explosion at a quarry endangered workers and nearby drivers as rocks were hurled 200 metres onto a nearby public road.


A company based in Hereford involved in the production of nickel alloys has been prosecuted after an employee sustained life-altering injuries after being crushed and burned by falling machinery.


A company involved in running a leisure centre in Essex faces a bill of almost £200,000 after a young girl tragically died in the pool at the Maldon Leisure Centre on 14 June 2008.


A company in Lincolnshire involved in the production of frozen potato products has been prosecuted after an employee suffered severe burns caused by hot oil.


Two companies have been prosecuted after a worker suffered severe injuries when his hand got caught in a saw in Ebbw Vale on 21 February 2012.


A police constable was shot dead due to safety failings during a firearms training session at a warehouse in Newton Heath, Manchester.


Workers in the construction industry have been warned not to allow their children access to building sites during school holidays after a ten-year-old boy was photographed playing on scaffolding in Merseyside.


Three companies in the South East face a total bill of almost £700,000 in fines and prosecution costs after a series of safety breaches led to the death of a plumber and inflicted serious injuries on six others.


Two builders who were self-employed have been prosecuted for illegal asbestos removal work that exposed both the builders themselves and the tenants of the properties where they carried out their work to dangerous asbestos material.


Latest figures made available by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) show that the number of workplace fatalities across the UK has fallen.


A construction company based in Hertfordshire has appeared in court after an employee sustained serious injuries when he fell ten metres after a platform collapsed in south London.


A chocolate maker in the Northamptonshire region has been prosecuted after an employee had his finger cut off by a machine that did not have adequate guarding in place.


A health board in Scotland has been prosecuted after several employees and contractors were discovered to have been at risk of being exposed to dangerous asbestos fibres.


A young female farm worker died when her tractor overturned at a field in Somerset in June 2009. Her employer was fined £80,000 in addition to £40,000 in prosecution costs after an investigation revealed the vehicle lacked a seat belt, cab and roll over bar that all might have prevented the tragedy.


A plumber based in the Norfolk area has been proescuted for proceeding to carry out gas work without fulfilling his legal obligations while working for a landlord in Norwich.


A company based in Bolton faces a bill of almost £130,000 after being found guilty of breaching health and safety laws that led to an employee sustaining serious injuries after being crushed between two trucks at the company's plant.


A company that manufactures beds based in Rochdale has been fined £50,000 after it was discovered that machinery at the company's plant was not safe to use.


A demolition firm based in Sheffield has been fined £300,000 after an employee was crushed to death when a skip lorry overturned.


A new initiative has been launched aimed at reducing the number of serious injuries and deaths in the waste and recycling industry.


A construction firm has been fined after a house collapsed as a result of a trench that was excavated next to it.


A roofing company has appeared in court after an employee fell almost ten metres through the roof of a sports hall and was lucky to survive the accident.


A company that specialises in the installation of solar panels has been prosecuted after a worker fell through a skylight at a warehouse in London.


The Atomic Weapons Establishment PLC (AWE PLC) is facing a bill of more than £280,000 in fines and costs after a series of safety protocols were breached related to the storage and use of explosives. The safety oversights led to a fire breaking out at a processing building in Berkshire in August 2010 that inflicted severe burns to the face and arm of an employee.


A Lincolnshire plumber has appeared in court after he was charged with carrying out unsafe gas work that caused a couple to sustain severe burns after an explosion at their home in Nettleton.


A bathroom restoration firm has been fined after an employee died as a result of inhaling toxic fumes while working in the bathroom of an apartment in South London.


A large recycling company has been prosecuted after an employee was killed as a result of the firm's failure to segregate pedestrians from moving vehicles.


A company from Durham has been prosecuted after one of their employees sustained horrific injuries which required one of his arms to be amputated after he fell into dangerous machinery at an asphalt production plant.


A tiling company has been prosecuted after an employee suffered multiple severe injuries when he fell from the roof of an industrial oven at a site in Bishop Auckland.


A decorating company has been prosecuted after employees of the company along with agency staff and members of the public were all exposed to asbestos material during a renovation project at offices in Poole in 2009.


A roofing company has been prosecuted after employees of the company were found to have faced unnecessary risks and threats to their safety while carrying out their work duties at a site in Deeside, Flintshire.


An international engineering company has been prosecuted in the courts after an employee broke his left leg in a whiplash injury while working on a construction project at the Dorchester Hotel in London.


The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is currently undergoing a consultation process to determine what revisions should be introduced to two Approved Codes of Practice (ACOPs).


A man from Bradford may need to have his foot and lower leg amputated after an accident at a factory in Tyersal when a pallet weighing around one and a half tonnes fell onto his leg inflicting severe crush injuries.


A chemical firm has been hit with a £120,000 fine after an employee sustained severe burns after being engulfed by a fireball at the company's premises in the Wirral.


A teenage worker was seriously injured when a pallet weighing more than a tonne toppled onto his legs, trapping him at a business park in Elland on 16 March 2011.


A plant hire company has been fined £100,000 after am employee died while operating a tarmac cutter in the town of Box in Wiltshire.


Two companies have been ordered to pay almost £800,000 in fines and prosecution costs after a driver died after being run ovr by his own vehicle.


A paper company in Lincolnshire has been ordered to pay £116,000 in fines and costs after three employees sustained serious hand injuries while working with unguarded machines at the company's plant.


A waste recycling company has been prosecuted after an employee sustained severe injuries including the loss of his arm as a result of the unsafe working environment at the plant he worked at in Scunthorpe.


A major explosion in Irlam has left up to 15 people injured including one elderly woman who has severe burns after a gas fitter failed to follow safety protocols while installing new kitchens.


A director of a plastering company has died after a pallet holding more than a tonne of render collapsed onto him at a factory in Devon.


A storage company based in Nuneaton has been fined after an employee died when a tall stack of heavy wooden pallets collapsed onto him suddenly while he was working at the plant.


A construction firm has been prosecuted after an employee at the firm died when he suffered a fall of 15 metres at a water storage tank in Macclesfield.


A director of a construction firm has been prosecuted after an employee he had contracted to work on a refurbishment of a cottage lost a leg in an accident at the site on 29 April 2009.


A recent initiative from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) which inspected construction sites across London has revealed that one in four of the working environments visited were not up to recommended safety standards.


A panel established to expose bogus health and safety claims has already observed 150 cases of such behaviour in an attempt to distinguish between real cases of health and safety breaches and those situations where the health and safety label is abused in order to stop people from carrying out legitimate actions.


An aeronautical company has been prosecuted after a group of employees developed a debilitat‌ing c‌ondition as a result of the company failing to observe safety protocols for a number of years.


A construction firm in Halesowen has been prosecuted after a teenage apprentic broke his back after falling more than three metres at a site in Worcestershire on 6 November 2011.


A packaging company has been hit with a substantial fine amounting to £200,000 after an employee had both his hands severely damaged when they were trapped in heavy machine parts at the firm's factory in Whitehaven.


Members of the Royal Navy as well as other workers were exposed to dangerous asbestos fibres after pipes containing the material were left by a road, placed in a skip and taken to a salvage yard.


New guidelines have been made available online by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to ‌inform employers about their responsibilities with regard to safeguarding the wellbeing of their employees' health.


A paper company has been fined after an employee sustained serious injuries to his left arm when it got caught in dangerous machine parts.


A double-glazing company has been prosecuted as a result of safety failings that led an employee suffering severe injuries at the firm's plant in Bedford when toppling sheets of glass fell on him.


A businessman who provided faulty construction equipment that led to the death of a workman has been handed a suspended jail sentence at Guildford Crown Court.


A pie company based in West Yorkshire has been hit with a £250,000 fine after a gas explosion at one of their premises killed one employee and seriously injured another.


An agricultural company in Lincolnshire has been prosecuted after an employee suffered severe injuries when he was run over by a tractor.


Thurrock Council has been found guilty of failing to safely deal with and manage the threats posed by asbestos exposure in schools in the area.


A flooring company has been fined after one of their employees was seriously injured after being dragged into an unguarded machine at their factory in Manchester.


A scrap metal company has been prosecuted after a bus that was being lifted onto a truck collided with him inflicting significant injury.


The owner of a fairground near Preston has been prosecuted after a young teenage girl was badly injured after falling from a ride there.


Two companies have been hit with massive penalties totaling over £700,000 in fines and costs after a 49 year-old member of the public was killed at a roadworks in Uttoxeter.


Key figures in the waste and recycling industry have decided upon a blueprint to tackle the increasingly worrying number of injuries and deaths that affect those working in the sector.


The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is set to target unsafe working practices in construction sites across the UK as part of a nationwide campaign aimed at reducing the frequency of accidents, injuries and deaths in the construction industry.


A paper manufacturer in Corby has been prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) after one of their female employees died when heavy boxes collapsed onto her.


Two companies have been hit with fines and costs in excess of £450,000 after a factory worker in Stockport discovered the dead body of his brother inside a machine on 12 January 2008.


A builder in Birmingham has been fined for exposing both himself and families that lived in the proximity of the house he was renovating to dangerous asbestos fibres.


A teenager suffered horrific injuries to his foot after an accident with a wood chipper when he was just three weeks into his first job.


A demolition firm has been prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) after the lives of the company's employees were put in danger during the demolition of an office block in Liverpool.


A refurbishment company has been prosecuted by Health and Safety Executive (HSE) after a member of the public observed employees working at heights without the necessary safety precautions for that kind of work.


A steel manufacturing company and a contractor have been hit with a £320,000 fine after a steelworker died when a falling metal bar him at the steel plant in Redcar.


A borough council in London has been prosecuted after a teenage girl was engulfed in a fireball during a school camping trip.


The owners and management of a colliery in South Wales face manslaughter charges after the deaths of four miners in a flooding tragedy in September 2011.


A paper company based in Gloucestershire has been prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) after an employee had his hand crushed while trying to clean a piece of machinery at the factory.


A hospital trust in the North East has been prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) after some contractors were exposed to asbestos fibres at an infirmary in Sunderland.


A council in Merseyside has been prosecuted after 29 employees were diagnosed with a condition known as Hand Arm Vibration syndrome that has left them with severe and debilitating issues with their hands.


A teenager was killed in a quad bike accident after a farmer from Dartmoor had provided him with the poorly maintained vehicle.


An engineering company and a construction firm have been prosecuted after workers were exposed to dangerous asbestos fibres at a demolition site in Swansea.


A logistics company based in the West Midlands has been ordered to pay a fine of £300,000 after one of their drivers was killed in an accident in Northamptonshire.


A plastics manufacturer based in Suffolk has been fined £10,000 after serious electrical hazards were discovered at their production plant.


A landlord in Bradford has been prosecuted after he failed to produce a gas safety record for one of his properties in Heaton where a mother and young family resided despite several requests.


A lift company based in Banbury has been prosecuted after one of their lift motors, which weighed over a tonne fell into a lobby at Luton & Dunstable Hospital.


The UK Border Agency has been censured by the HSE after an investigation revealed that safety failings could have led to an explosion at Robin Hood airport in Finningley, South Yorkshire.


The Environment Agency has been fined £200,000 after a series of health and safety oversights led to the death of one of their employees from drowning in Cambridgeshire.


Chesterfield Borough Council has been fined after a carbon monoxide leak at one of its properties put the life of a tenant at risk.


A plumbing company has been prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) after two of their employees were exposed to dangerous asbestos material while working on a construction site in Aberystwyth, Wales.


The HSE is set to conduct inspections of businesses and organisations in the west of Scotland in an effort to manage the risk associated with legionella poisoning.


CCTV footage captured footage of a warehouse worker standing on the forks of a forklift truck as he was lifted along with a pallet across the warehouse floor until he lost balance and was injured in the fall.


The owner of a company in Hull has been prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) after an employee suffered such severe injuries in a fall that he will never be able to return to work.


A new study has identified the key factors behind the impressive safety record at the Olympic Park that was constructed for the 2012 Olympics.


A property firm in Manchester has been hit with a massive £100,000 fine after a gas explosion at a building they were converting destroyed nearby homes in December 2009.


A food company has been fined by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) after two of their employees were suffered serious injuries in separate accidents from 2009 to 2010 at the company’s factory in Hitchin.


A self-employed work contracted to work as a scaffolder has died as a result of a fall from a height of 19 metres at a Swansea building site.


A landlord in Cambridge has been prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) after he endangered the lives of his tenants by producing a fake safety certificate suggesting that gas appliances at the houses he rented were safe when that was not necessarily the case.


A manufacturing company based in Gloucestershire has been prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) after a teenage employee had his fingers severed by unguarded machinery while working at the factory in Lydney.


A demolition firm has been prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) after an excavator driver was seriously injured ta Old Trafford Cricket Ground when a part of a stand collapsed onto him.


Essex County Council has been fined after a physical disabled child almost died at a school swimming-pool in Harlow.


A construction company endangered the lives of its workforce and residents living in the vicinity of their site because they repeatedly ignored safety warnings issued by the HSE relating to the work they were carrying out in Bristol city centre.


A maker of soft drinks has been fined after a contracted employee was exposes to dangerous ozone gas while repairing a UV light system at a plant in Kegworth.


A school in Solihull has been prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) after a student sustained serious hand injuries during a design and technology lesson.


A demolition firm in Cheltenham has been prosecuted after removing asbestos waste without the necessary authority in Gloucester and exposing their employees to dangerous asbestos fibres.


Two companies have been fined after a worker from Birmingham was seriously injured when he fell seven metres through a skylight.


New figures just published by the Health and Safety Executive reveal a slight decrease in the levels of workplace accidents and injuries.


A manufacturing firm in Essex has been prosecuted after a contractor employed by them suffered multiple injuries after falling seven metres from an unsecured platform. The 35-year-old accident victim was in the process of replacing a light fitting when the metal cage that he was using as a platform fell off a wooden pallet that had been raised by a crane vehicle.


A teenage employee lost four of his fingers on a poorly guarded machine at an engineering plant in Walsall after offered to help a co-worker who had not been trained nor authorised to use the machine.


A construction firm based in Wimbledon has been prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) after they were found to have endangered their own employees and members of the public due to unsafe demolition work.


Progress is being made towards removing the requirements for the necessity for first aid training providers to be approved by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).


A grain milling company in Bedford has been prosecuted by the HSE after one of their employees was seriously injured as a result of a fall while working on a night shift.


A cleaning company has been prosecuted after an employee fell six metres through the roof of a riding school at an estate in Surrey.


A yacht repair company based in Southampton has been prosecuted after one of their employees sustained injuries after he fell while working on a raised yacht.


A worker was seriously injured after he was thrown from a lorry while unloading materials and hit by barrels and tubes after the lorry overturned.


Walsall Hospital NHS Trust has been fined over £100,000 in fines and costs after the death of a pensioner who fell through a first-floor window at Walsall Manor Hospital.


A business in Wokingham has been fined after two subcontractors were exposed to asbestos fibres at Reading University.


Members of the public who reported unsafe working practices during the demolition of a Derbyshire pub have caused the HSE to intervene and prosecute the demolition contractor involved.


A Welsh building contractor was ordered to pay a fine of £548,000 after a worker died from his injuries as a result of falling through a roof while working on a construction job in Bangor, Wales.


A microbrewery based in Oxfordshire has been prosecuted by the HSE after not taking the necessary steps to ensure recommended safety protocols were followed with regard to working at heights and manual handling at their plant.


A recycling company has been fined £240,000 after an employee was killed at their factory in St Helens.


The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have introduced a new scheme to recover some of the costs involved with enforcing health and safety law called the fee for intervention (FFI). The new scheme will be implemented across the UK from 1 October 2012.


An ice cream manufacturer based in North Yorkshire has been prosecuted after a factory worker at the firm broke his arm after it became trapped in the conveyor belt.


A firm in Salford has been fined £50,000 after the death of an owner of a canal boat at a dry dock on the Bridgwater Canal.


A construction company based in Redhill has had to pay a total of £210,000 in fines and costs after an employee was killed in an explosion at a construction site in London.


A roof refurbishment company based in Monmouth has been prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) after one of their employees fell six metres from the roof of a house in Cirencester and was seriously injured.


An Aberdeenshire haulage firm has been prosecuted after one of their employees was seriously injured after being hit by a tractor at the company premises.


A man has been given a suspended jail sentence after he removed asbestos without having the authorised licence. He also misled the householders of the affected property by doctoring an air test which suggested the rooms were safe to re-enter.


The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has issued a warning to companies in the waste and recycling industry urging them to pay close attention to worker safety after a significant number of deaths and injuries during the past summer.


The owner of a construction business in Leicestershire has been prosecuted by the HSE after two self-employed builders fell from scaffolding causing them serious injuries.


A scaffolding firm from Norwich has been prosecuted after a self-employed aircraft painter sustained serious injuries after falling more than two metres because a wooden scaffolding board broke while he was standing on it.


A company that manufactures outdoor shelters has been prosecuted by the HSE after one of their employees had three of his fingers severed when his hand became trapped in a forklift truck.


A 49-year-old construction worker from Nottingham suffered a broken neck and a fractured back after falling almost two and a half metres through a fragile roof.


A 52-year-old man from Grimsby died after driving a piece of workplace machinery into an unprotected pit at a construction site in Leicester on 12 April 2008.


Two companies in Bolton have been prosecuted by the HSE after an investigation revealed that they exposed their employees to the potentially fatal long-term effects of asbestos fibres.


A 53-year-old roofer from Sheffield was seriously injured after falling 8 metres at a retail park in Lincoln.


Two men have been prosecuted after an investigation revealed that they had colluded in order to falsify a record that claimed a school in Abingdon had all asbestos safely removed.


A company in Tyneside has been fined after HSE investigation revealed that their electrical system was left in an unsafe condition increasing the risk of electrical injury among their employees.


A UK dairy company has been prosecuted as a result of an explosion at one of its cheese factories in Cumbria.


A total of 68 warnings have been issued to firms in the UK by the information Commissioner's office (ICO) relating to how private information is stored and accessed. This is an increase of 2% on last year.


A company that manufactures timber buildings has been prosecuted by the HSE after one of their employees sustained serious injuries as a result of a fall from a canopy at a school in Shropshire.


EssentialSkillz has launched a new Training Needs Analysis tool that simplifies the process of identifying training requirements and enrolling staff on courses.


A new safety initiative is being introduced at construction sites in the West Midlands, Worcestershire and Warwickshire in an attempt to reduce the number of workplace accidents and the associated injuries and fatalities that can occur in the building industry.


Two construction workers at a building site in Exeter sustained serious injuries after the platform they were working on collapsed and they fell down a lift shaft.


A 73-year-old man had both his legs amputated at an Essex Port after they were crushed by a cargo container on 26 March 2010.


An international steel company was fined £500,000 after an employee lost his life when he fell into liquid waste at 1500°C.


A contractor And a retailer in Cheltenham have been prosecuted by the HSE after a construction worker was exposed to asbestos while working on refurbishments to a shop unit on Cheltenham High Street in February 2010.


A Nottinghamshire die-casting firm has been fined after an employee suffered severe burns when he fell into a furnace.


A fine of £75,000 was imposed on a self-employed builder as well as an order to undertake community service after the repair work he carried out at the couple's home in Leyton led to their deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning.


Two companies in the North-East of the UK have been fined after both failed to prevent their employees from being exposed to asbestos fibres while they worked on refurbishments on a cruise ship.


A healthcare provider in the UK has been fined £100,000 after an 85-year-old patient died at a private hospital in High Wycombe.


A company in Northumberland along with two of its directors had to pay fines and costs totalling almost £100,000 after a teenage employee died after falling from the roof of a barn.


Several people were exposed to asbestos fibres at a school in Dorset after asbestos insulation boards were removed in an unsafe manner from the school.


An engineering firm has been prosecuted by the HSE after two of their employees were seriously injured after falling from a platform.


An inspection by the HSE of construction projects in the North East London area has revealed that almost half of the sites visited didn't have the necessary health and safety procedures in place.


The HSE have revealed new statistics for fatal injuries in the workplace during the time period from April 2011 to March 2012.


For the third time since the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act came into being in 2008, a UK company has pleaded guilty to the charge of corporate manslaughter of one of its employees.


Bassetlaw District Council has been fined after a 76-year-old member of the public died after being hit by a reversing bin lorry


A 67-year-old man has been left paralysed after falling from the roof of a pub in Sunderland while carrying out demolition work.


An aerospace services and construction company have been prosecuted by the HSE after an investigation revealed that some of their employees were exposed to asbestos at the company’s premises in Yeovil.


A fitter suffered a fractured skull after attempting to recover a 17-tonne abandoned excavator in Suffolk in September last year.


A company based in Leek that manufactures seatbelts and harnesses has been fined by the HSE after an employee was severely burnt at their factory.


A scaffolder had to be rescued from a church tower in Norfolk after he slipped and fell suffering three broken ribs.


A manufacturing company in Cardiff has been prosecuted by the HSE after an employee lost the tip of one of his fingers as a result of working with an unguarded drill.


Two teenage workers suffered serious injuries after falling from a lifting platform while working for a Derbyshire manufacturing company.


A carpenter was killed when a large slab of concrete crushed him during the construction of a new block of accommodation at Bath University.


A managing director of a construction company from Brighton has been fined after failing to implement the necessary safety measures to protect him employees from the asbestos risk they faced during the demolition of a building at at Bluebell Business Estate, Uckfield.


As a growing number of cases of Legionnaires’ Disease are confirmed in Edinburgh the HSE have served an Improvement Notice on the the company responsible for the cooling tower that is the source of the legionella outbreak.


Male-only workplaces contain a significantly higher number of bacteria than mixed or female-only workplaces according to a newly-released study from the US.


A 47-year-old director of music has been dismissed from his position at Glasgow Cathedral after allegations that he bullied and intimidated singers in the choir group.


A major international recycling company has been fined £200,000 after a young employee died as a result of head injuries he sustained at a paper balking site in Tipton.


The top professions in the UK remain elitist and social mobility has stagnated in the UK according to Alan Milburn who the Government asked to carry out a review.


A director of a Suffolk-based roofing company has been prosecuted by the HSE after a member of the public used a video camera to record him working without observing safety protocols.


Acas, the workplace relations organisation, has launched guidance to help HR managers have 'difficult conversations' – about performance, conduct or personal matters – can in the workplace.


A worker who fell from a construction site in East Sussex has died as a result of the injuries he sustained in the fall.


New research has revealed that a significant number of UK businesses are not taking advantage of social media resources in the workplace and as a result they are missing out on a highly effective way to communicate with staff.


A property developer in Sheffield has been fined after a building he had been renovating collapsed sending tonnes of rubble into the surrounding area and endangering the safety of nearby shop workers.


The Government in the UK have just passed a new Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill which is intended to introduce significant changes into the regulation of disputes in the workplace.


An explosion which caused a house to collapse in Stoke-on-Trent is believed to have been caused by excessive amounts of gas building up within the property according to police.


Civil servants in the UK are being asked to engage more with the public using social media but to take care to avoid politically sensitive issues during the process.


A rail worker has been killed after he became trapped between two passing trains on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway earlier this week.


A secondary school in Dublin has expelled four students after they posted offensive comments about their teachers to the Facebook social networking platform.


A worker at a waste management company in Kent lost a large part of his arm in an unguarded conveyor machine at a quarry in Kent.


The leading mental health charity MIND has warned of the dangers of Government policy aimed at doing away with much of the red tape legislation surrounding UK business.


The owner of a roofing company in Aberdeenshire has been prosecuted after an employee of the company sustained serious injuries after falling five metres.


The construction firm Skanska is currently encouraging its staff to participate in a diversity week as part of a dedicated effort to foster an atmosphere of equality and respect in the workplace.


A pig farm in Northern Ireland has been fined £187,500 which amounts to the largest health and safety fine in in the history of the country. The agricultural company received the fine after an employee died as a result of serious safety failures at the farm.


A new study carried out by the Kingston University Business School has found that workers who aren’t able to involve themselves intensely in their work are more likely to develop stress, exhaustion and feelings of being burnt out.


A director of a construction firm has been fined after the contractor he employed died after falling through a roof of a building in Penryn, Cornwall.


A study by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has claimed that a quarter of line managers in the UK have an inflated opinion of their leadership skills.


A recent judgement by the Court of Appeal could have significant consequences for British businesses with subsidiaries. The Court ruled in favour of a man who was suffering from an asbestos-related illness who was seeking damages against the parent company of his former employer.


A developing trend across the UK business world is the “anywhere employee”, a phenomenon that could soon overtake the traditional office-based worker, according to a recent study conducted by Siemens Enterprise Communications.


A self-employed joiner who wishes to remain anonymous is paralysed from the waist down as a result of a fall from balcony he was working on in a church in South Kensington.


It is expected that businesses in the UK will find it difficult to cope with staff absences during the Olympics in London this Summer as 21% of employees admit they will take unauthorised leave during the event.


A pest controller in West Norfolk has been prosecuted after storing hazardous pesticides in an unlocked garden shed.


An apprentice worker sustained serious injuries after falling from scaffolding that was not safely secured at a shipyard in Falmouth.


Commitments to health and fitness programs during the New Year are said to have caused a huge rise in musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and sickness absences according to a recent study carried out by physiotherapy provider Physio Med.


An egg company in Worcestershire has been fined after an employee had two fingers cut off while attempting to clean out a drain on a production line.


Although many businesses in the UK already have asbestos management policies in place, there certainly remains a lot of work to be done to make these policies as effective and thorough as possible according to a recent online survey.


The employment appeal tribunal has decided that offensive comments made by an employer about an employee’s pregnancy were not inherently discriminatory.


The emergency services in the West Midlands have discovered a body in a burnt-put car in a salvage yard in Erdington, Birmingham.


Acas has just launched a new guide aimed at dealing with one of the last remaining taboos in the business work – mental illness in the workplace.


A manufacturing company has been fined after an employee suffered serious injuries after being hit by a heavy goods vehicle at a site in Chesterfield.


A new survey has revealed that six out if every ten employers have not yet informed their staff if any specific leave arrangements will be put in place during the Olympics.


In July 2009 a 200-tonne crane collapsed on to an apartment block in the Chandlers Wharf area of Liverpool city centre leaving one man paralysed.


A recent survey has indicated employees have a far more laidback attitude to issues like password protection and internet security in the workplace compared with the more stringent way they protect information relating to their own personal lives.


The Grand Slam-winning coach of the Welsh rugby union team, Warren Gatland, sustained multiple fractures to his right heel bone as well as a fracture of his left heel after falling from a ladder at his family beach house in New Zealand.


A total of seven construction workers were thankful they escaped with their lives after 250 tonnes of wet concrete collapsed at a site at Liverpool John Moores University.


Ben Polis, the founder and CEO of Australian company, Energy Watch has bowed to pressure to step down from his position after his Facebook page was found to contain a series of offensive comments.


A builder who was near retirement age suffered near fatal injuries after falling from a damaged plank while working on a site in South Warwickshire.


As many as one million of the working population in the UK are so affected by sleep deprivation when they come to work that it is as if they are intoxicated according to new research.


A teenage motocross rider has had his promising career in the sport ruined as a result of an accident at a recycling plant where a 16 tonne machine crushed and broke his foot.


A fine of £300,000 has been imposed on a lift manufacturer after a lift engineer working for the company died from crush injuries sustained while installing a new lift at Heathrow Airport.


A recent ruling by the UK Supreme Court could lead to a large number of insurance claims from the families of victims of asbestos-related illnesses.


HR will have to adapt to changes in how staff data is processed in the next 18 months as businesses get to grips with the move to Real Time Information (RTI).


Justin Bassett, a statistician from New York City felt his job interview was going well. Then the interviewer asked him for his log-in details to his Facebook page. He refused and walked out on the interview in disgust. However as more and more people use social media, the curiousity of the employer is growing and these type of inquires are becoming more commonplace.


A demolition company has been prosecuted for knocking down a building that had hundreds of ceiling tiles containing asbestos in the Lake District area.


UK Coal has admitted to breaches to health and safety law after a miner died after heavy equipment crushed him at the North Yorkshire colliery in October 2009.


A year since the publication of the Davies Report on boardroom diversity, the author remains concerned by the speed at which changes are being implemented.


A father of four was killed after a piece of metal flew off a strimmer and hit him at the back of the neck inflicting fatal injuries on 8 February 2010 at Ramsden Dock in Barrow.


A new survey has revealed that more than 85% of employees say their work performance is affected by issues outside of the workplace.


A father of three was killed at a Nestle plant in Halifax in Decemeber 2008 after a colleague restarted a conveyor-belt type machine called a depalletiser while he was still inside it.


A 25-year-old council worker lost his arm in a wood chipper machine after an accident occurred while he was cutting bushes in Spennymoor on 4 August 2009.


EssentialSkillz is making an Olympic Business Policy E-Learning course available to UK businesses so that their business operations can run as smoothly as possible during the Olympics and lessen the impact of disturbances caused by the event.


The HSE is set to charge Greater Manchester Police and two of their officers after a 32 year-old PC was fatally shot after a training exercise went wrong in June 2008.


A documentary aired on prime time television has raised the issue of the excessive level of alcohol consumption among middle-class working professionals in the UK.


A hotel owner has been ordered to pay a fine and costs totalling £262,000 after failing to comply with fire safety regulations.


HR experts have warned business organisations to adopt a more open-minded attitude to the use of social media technologies instead of “killing the conversation” on social media by implementing restrictive workplace policies.


A new survey has found that 43% of managers regard their line managers as ineffective.


A freight firm in Redditch, the managing director of the firm and a contractor hired by the firm have all been prosecuted for exposing at least 20 people to the potentially lethal risks of asbestos fibres.


A worker was propelled into the air by a 174kg see-sawing concrete beam that hit him in the groin area inflicting serious injuries.


A maintenance worker for Network Rail has won £68,000 in compensation after he developed carpel tunnel syndrome as a result of using heaving vibrating tolls while working 12-hour shifts on the railway tracks.


A security guard lost his job after he chased and caught a thief who had stolen goods from the HMV store where he was employed.


An owner of a fairground attractions park in Birmingham has been prosecuted after a 12-year old girl badly injured her leg when she was thrown from a malfunctioning ride on 28 October 2009.


A construction worker fell seven metres from the roof of a building that was being refurbished in Belgravia, London. Scaffolding that had originally been in place at the site had been removed some weeks earlier.


The HSE issued a formal Crown Censure against the National Offender Management Service (NOMS) after a prisoner died in unusual circumstances at HMP Bullingdon in Bicester, Oxfordshire.


Apple has bowed to pressure and agreed to allow an unprecedented level of independent inspection of their suppliers' factories in China after a series of incidents affecting Chinese workers.


The Government has encouraged employers to hire more young people by making a £1 billion wage subsidy available.


A company that organises weddings at a 14th Century venue in Cheshire has been prosecuted for breaching fire safety regulations.


The Race for Opportunity charity, an organisation aimed at increasing employment opportunities for ethnic minorities has claimed that recruitment agencies across the UK engage in casual racial discrimination.


An air conditioning manufacturer has been fined after a man's fingertip was cut off by a circular saw at the company's factory in Stoke-on-Trent.


The Government has announced plans to reform the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act in an effort to help job applicants with previous criminal convictions to re-enter the workforce.


A Welsh company has been fined £10,000 after an employee's arm was pierced by two steel bars.


A 26 year-old man was killed after an overloaded crane tipped over and inflicted fatal crush injuries on the young father who had been working on excavating a basement in Hampstead.


A worker at a power plant in North Yorkshire broke his foot after a 13kg weight dropped onto it after falling almost four metres from an overhead crane on 22 March 2010.


A charity organisation has highlighted the need for a greater emphasis to be placed on dealing with alcohol-related issues in the workplace after their research found that only 20% of FTSE 250 companies even had a formal alcohol policy in place.


New reforms proposed by the European Commission will require organisations or companies with more than 250 employees to have a designated data protection officer in order to protect any personal information pertaining to staff and customers or clients of the particular organisation.


An inquiry into a fatal accident at a farm near Mintlaw in Aberdeenshire, Scotland has come to the startling conclusion that the dog of the accident victim may have been the cause of the tragedy.


A lorry driver was killed at an accident at a factory in Romney after he was crushed while another driver attempted to unload pallets from his lorry using a forklift truck.


The Government has decided to delay the extension of the right to unpaid parental leave until 2013 as a result of its current commitment to the Modern Workplaces policy.


A worker who at a manufacturing factory in Tilbrook in Milton Keynes had three fingers severed when his hand got stuck inside a bubble wrap making machine while cleaning it.


A worker at a factory in Worcester was badly injured after molten metal sprayed on him from the back of a machine causing severe burns.


A survey by the Hays Career Outlook has found that although levels of stress are increasing in the private sector, the majority are still content to work there.


A new study by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) has found that age discrimination is “rooted in British society”.


A worker was crushed to death by a machine used to make plastic lids at a plastic factory in Cornwall


A new government initiative aimed at promoting social mobility by asking businesses to agree to accept CV's without names or school details is gaining popularity among UK businesses.


A roofer from Lancashire has been prosecuted after a HSE officer spotted him and two colleagues working without the required safety equipment to prevent them from falling.


The CIPD has voiced concerns about cultural issues within the workplace that may limit the effectiveness/impact of the Government's “Business Company” policy aimed at providing fairer access to certain professions.


29% of businesses and organisations have no plans in place to deal with the likely disruption caused by the hosting of the Olympics in the Summer of 2012 in London and surrounding regions.


Suffolk County Council has pleaded guilty to multiple breaches of health and safety law at three of its workplaces in Ipswich Magistrates' Court.


A driver of a HGV in Manchester was paralysed by heavy metal tubes which crushed him after they fell from a faulty crane.


A worker fractured her finger after it became trapped in a wrapping machine she was cleaning at a plant of Thorntons chocolate manufacturer in Somercotes, Derbyshire on 17 November 2009.


New data released by the statistics office Eurostat has revealed that unemployment across Europe now stands at a record high of 16.4 million with the jobless rate growing to 10.3%.


A forklift truck driver suffered a broken neck while attempting to load a computer cabinet onto a trailer at a logistics firm in Lichfield.


Prime Minister David Cameron launched a stinging attack on health and safety legislation in a recent speech, describing it as a “monster” and an “albatross around the neck of British businesses.”


A driver of a forklift truck was seriously injured when he fell from a ramp while in the vehicle at Sheepbridge Works in Chesterfield on 15 February 2010.


A doctor has been awarded £4.5 million after a tribunal decided that she had been unfairly dismissed from her position at Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust.


Two security guards suffered serious facial burns after an explosion at the Welbeck Colliery site at Meden Vale on December 31.


According to new research from the CIPD many employees in the British workforce have serious concerns about pay issues with just 19% stating that their pay packet accurately reflects their level of performance.


A fitter in Cumbria has his helmet to thank for saving his life after a 300kg roller-shutter door collapsed onto him while he was carrying out repairs on 20 April 2009.


The HSE has urged businesses across the UK to maintain focus on health and safety concerns in the workplace in 2012 after the number of work-related deaths increased last year.


A recent survey of 2000 UK employees found that less than half would feel comfortable revealing details of mental health issues to work colleagues.


In November 2011 the Government announced that they would be launching a consultation on the abolition of a significant number of health and safety regulations.


The Mayor of London Boris Johnson has urged residents to make every effort to recycle the thousands of tonnes of paper, plastic, food, glass, wood and other recyclable materials expected to be produced over the Christmas period.


A Dorset town's annual Christmas firework display went badly wrong when rockets flew into the watching crowd injuring four.


A global KPMG report has found that businesses in emerging economies like Brazil, India and China are much more likely to use social media than their counterparts in countries like Germany, Canada and the UK.


The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have compiled a list of what they describe as health and safety myths from media reports and correspondence received. The HSE state that these myths trivialise the true purpose of health and safety protocols, which are designed to protect people from real risks in the workplace.


A survey of 1,000 office workers by Badenoch & Clark has revealed that nine out of ten office workers would prefer to receive a cash sum or bonus this Christmas rather than have the traditional office Christmas party.


A teenage apprentice suffered serious facial injuries after becoming trapped under a bus on 7 September 2009 in a garage in Wakefield, Yorkshire.


The death of a worker at a factory in Macclesfield in a forklift truck accident has led to fines totalling £100,000 being imposed on two companies.


Two workers became engulfed in a fireball after drilling into a 1,000 volt electrical cable at an industrial unit in Telford.


A recent study by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has revealed that the average hours worked in Britain have fallen by 4.7% since the first study of this kind in 1992.


Samuel Crisp, an employee with Apple had his contract terminated after he posted negative comments about the company on Facebook in August 2011. His comments were reported to managers at Apple after a work colleague saw them on his Facebook page and the decision was taken to fire him. Mr. Crisp appealed the decision to an employment tribunal in Bury St Edmunds but the tribunal sided with Apple and upheld the right of the company to remove Mr. Crisp from his position.


A construction company has been fined £12,000 after a worker suffered serious injuries due to a seven metre fall while at work.


Newcastle-under-Lyme borough Council has been fined £20,000 after a carbon monoxide leak was discovered at a Westlands community centre in Whitfield Avenue.


The Institute of Business Ethics (IBE) has revealed that according to their recent survey, one third of the public do not believe employers behave ethically.


Two construction companies have been fined £60,000 after a worker fell from a faulty mobile elevating work platform (or cherry picker) to his death on a dual carriageway in Liverpool on 20 August 2006.


A factory worker at a firm in Cheshire could have lost his arm after it was dragged into a conveyor belt while he was carrying out a maintenance task in March 2010.


A ruling at the Court of Appeal has given hope to 174 former female employees of Birmingham City Council to go ahead with equal pay claims despite the fact that many of the claims stretch back over several years and are outside the usual time limit for hearing these cases.


A 17-year old female employee at a hotel in Filey, Yorkshire suffered serious burns to her hand while using a faulty commercial rotary iron at the Downcliffe House Hotel on 2 May 2011.


A 21-year old man suffered serious injuries to his hand in an accident at a plant of Adelaide Engineering Company in Heywood in October 2010.


Three companies have been fined by the courts following an industrial accident during the construction of a new stadium for Arsenal FC at Ashburton Grove in June 2005.


A recent study by BUPA has found that staff absenteeism has a significant impact on workers who remain at work during the period their colleagues are absent.


A driver was seriously injured after a lorry reversed into him in the yard of a logistics company in Essex.


Two workmen were laying down felt onto the roof of Jubilee House in Ripley on September 22 2010 when a 37Kg roll of felt crashed through a skylight falling 14 feet onto an office worker below.


Drumdollagh Construction Company in Northern Ireland have been fined £60,000 after a workman died when he lost control of his dumper truck while driving down a hill at a building site in Bushmills in May 2008.


A clerk at a magistrate's court has become the first person to be convicted under the new Bribery Act 2010 after being sentenced to a six year prison sentence.


A supervisor at a company in North Yorkshire had his hand crushed and two fingers severed while attempting to carry out a maintenance task on 10 August 2010.


A fine of £10,000 has been imposed on the University of Lincoln after evidence of asbestos-containing material throughout the University came to light.


St John Ambulance have urged businesses in the South of the UK to work harder on their fire safety protocols so that the number of fire-related injuries and casualties in the area can be reduced.


Scaffolding Systems South West Ltd of Heavitree, Exeter have been fined a total of £13,000 and ordered to pay costs of £4080 after they erected unsafe scaffolding outside a builders' merchants on 25 March 2009.


A construction firm in Scunthorpe has been fined after a worker suffered severe burns after drilling through a 415v cable in October 2009.


London Fire Brigade have moved 150 people to new accommodation after discovering what fire safety officers described as some of the worst fire risks they had ever seen.


A worker at a chicken processing factory in Norfolk has broken his back after falling from a ladder.


Bee Health Ltd have been fined £7,000 and ordered to pay almost £5,000 in costs after an employee had to have his index finger amputated after an accident at a factory in East Yorkshire.


As more and more businesses embrace new technological trends like social media and cloud computing it has become apparent that many of them are unprepared for the security risks associated with these new technologies.


A labourer suffered serious burns after a colleague of his accidentally broke an underground liquid petroleum gas (LPG) pipe in the trench he was standing in.


A report by the campaign group Big Brother Watch has discovered that doctors, nurses and administrative staff at 152 trusts and hospitals across the country are publishing confidential health information on social media sites.


Showhouse Furniture Ltd of Newmarket, Suffolk has been prosecuted under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 for placing the lives of its employees at risk by not taking adequate fire safety measures.


A golfer has been awarded compensation after he was hit in the eye by a golf ball at Niddry Castle Golf club in Winchburgh, Scotland. Such was the force of the ball when it hit the victim's eye that witnesses described his eye as exploding after the impact of the golf ball.


According to the findings of a study released this week by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), Wales is currently the most dangerous place to work in the UK.


A contractor who suffered serious injuries after falling through a roof onto a concrete floor 10 metres below died two years later as a result of the head injury he sustained during the accident.


Read through any recent study or research on stress and the conclusion will usually be the same, stress is on the increase and the results are not just the physical damage done to the individual, there is also a huge economic cost to business. Employers are faced with the huge challenge of not just identifying the causes of stress in the workplace but discovering where stress exists in the first place and what they can do about it.


A survey conducted by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) has produced the startling results that almost half of Welsh nurses have been so affected by stress that they have thought about leaving their jobs in the past year.


An engineering company in Leicester has been fined £180,000 by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) after an employee was killed in an accident while transporting steel frames.


The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has been greatly impressed by health and safety standards during the construction of venues for the London Olympics in 2012.


Barnet football club, currently playing in League 2 of the Football League have been fined after a kitchen worker suffering serious burns caused by boiling water from a tea urn.


11 people including 9 workers and 2 paramedics were taken to Queen Margaret Hospital in Dunfermline after a 10 litre barrel of nitric acid overturned and they were exposed to the fumes from the liquid.


Bakkavor Foods Ltd has been heavily fined after one of its employees suffered serious injuries to her arm at their Wigan plant. On 21 October 2011 the company which provides food to all major UK supermarkets was asked to pay costs of £2026 as well as a fine of £10,000 for breaches to the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) 1998.


The Health and Safety Executive has prosecuted Thor Specialities Ltd as a result of a potentially fatal chemical reaction at its plant in Wincham, Northwich on 23 August 2007.


A manufacturing firm has been prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive for not creating a sufficient separation area between pedestrian workers and fork lift trucks at its site in Dorset.


An employee of Cemex was killed by an explosion at a cement plant in Rugby on 15 january 2008. The explosion was of such force that the victim was blown through the side wall of the plant to where his body was discovered on the road 10 metres below.


A worker at a farming company in Fife had to have two of his toes amputated after they became trapped in machinery on 4 September 2009.


A young employee had to have his left arm amputated after it was trapped in a piece of workplace machinery at Natural World Products Ltd. in Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland.


Stress is, for the first time, the most common cause of long-term sickness absence for both manual and non-manual employees, according to this year’s Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)/Simplyhealth Absence Management survey.


The HSE has prosecuted a cardboard box manufacturer and has fined them £20,000 plus £12,190 in costs at Dartford Magistrates' Court.


The bookmakers which was raided by an armed gang, was fined £10,000 for failing to increase security prior to the attack, despite being told to do so.


The worker suffered a fractured vertebrae in his back, broken bones in his forearm and a broken thumb in the accident. The accident happened in August 2010 when the worker was employed by Ness Engineering Ltd of Shetland. He was off work for more than 2 months as a result of the accident.


A foundry in Stoke has been fined £8,000 plus £4,798 in costs after a worker fell into an unfenced pit housing a mould containing molten metal at 900°C.


On the 30th April 2010, the worker on a construction site refurbishing buildings climbed a step ladder to remove a cable. The worker assumed that the cable was dead and so attempted to remove the cable using a hammer and chisel.


A 24 year old worker employed by Duco International Ltd died whilst operating machinery at the the company's premises on Slough Trading Estate as he worked on a night shift on the 15th of January 2008.


A 32 year old worker from Poland had his arm broken in two places plus extensive soft tissue damage whilst working at a mushroom farm in Somerset.


The HSE have prosecuted Bellway Developments and Kubik Homes after visiting the site in Wimbledon on several occasions. City of London Magistrates Court heard that Kubik Homes had already been served with four prohibition notices - one of which was breached whilst safety inspectors were actually on site.


A self-employed roofing contractor has been given a suspended prison sentence after an incident in which his friend was killed whilst trying to help him replace the flat roof of a domestic garage.


A former hotel manager has been fined a total of £5000 including costs for failing to comply with an enforcement notice issued by Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Authority.


The HSE is to be asked by a Coroner to look at the requirement for longer jump leads or alternative equipment to enable breakdown and recovery personnel to operate more safely.


SIG Trading Limited of Sheffield have admitted breaching S.2 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and have been fined £36,000 after a forklift truck driver twice ran over the leg of a colleague.


A worker employed by Lowmac Alloys Ltd recycling centre in Ayr, was crushed between two skips causing severe injuries.


A worker severed 2 fingers in the bowl of an unguarded mixing machine whilst trying to retrieve a foreign body from the bowl. The employee from Tulip Ltd. lost his index finger and his middle finger in the accident in December 2009. After several operations and nearly a year off work he went back to the company but can no longer do the same job because his nerve endings are damaged and he’s now facing more surgery.


In December 2008 employee, Matthew Lowe, had his back broken in two places during the accident at Compass Engineering in Barnsley.


Ploughcroft Building Services of Brighouse in Yorkshire has been found in breach of r.9(2)(a) of the Work at Height Regulations 2005 and has been fined £10,000 plus £10,937 in costs.


Marks and Spencer plc and two of its contractors have been convicted for placing staff, the public and construction workers at risk of exposure to ACMs (Asbestos Containing Materials). Refurbishments at stores in Reading and Bournemouth in 2006 and 2007 were the cause of the exposure.


An asbestos surveyor who was engaged by Rotheram Council saw damaged ACMs (asbestos containing materials) on the floor of a storage company Rotherham Bonding Company Ltd. It was also noted that fork lifts trucks were in operation in the area.


A 28 year old worker was crushed to death in a horrific forklift truck accident at the Davy Markham factory in Darnall, Sheffield.


Frame Homes UK has been fined £20,000 plus £13,723 in costs by Truro Magistrates Court after an accident in which a worker severed part of his hand, from the thumb to the little finger, while using a vertical panel saw whilst at work on Cardrew Industrial Estate.


A chemical firm in Runcorn has received a £12,000 fine after a worker lost a finger when his hand and glove were dragged into a machine.


New figures released by the HSE have revealed that deaths in the construction industry rose from 41 in 2009/10 to 50 in 2010/11.


The Kimberley-Clark Professional “Make a Difference” Health and Safety Awards deadline has been extended to the 15th July to give entrants more time to complete their applications.


UK Firms are not fully prepared for the business impact of the soon to be implemented Bribery Act.


Shell UK has received a £1m fine plus £242,000 costs at Ipswich Crown Court. The fine relates to the explosion at Bacton Gas Terminal in 2008.


On the 19th of June 2009, a 21 year old employee of Oak Farm Gas company Ltd. was fatally injured and a member of the public badly injured when there was an explosion caused by a gas cylinder in New Denham, Buckinghamshire.


A potentially fatal and traumatic accident occurred in May 2009 at Waterside Swimming Pool, Canvey Island, when a young girl was trapped under water after her hair became caught in a water sampling outlet on the side of the pool.


A young man fractured his pelvis in two places after dangerously attempting to change a light bulb while standing inside a cage on a forklift truck.


Darren Mawdsley, 37, had to have his finger amputated after a devastating accident at work in a Southport-based shopfitting factory.


Two factory workers were seriously injured when panes of glass fell on top of them in a Bristol factory.


For the first time in Northern Ireland, a health and safety consultant and the firm he advised have been fined over a breach of health and safety law that led to the death of 52-year-old machinist.


Owners of a farm in southern Queensland, Australia, have been fined $25,000 (approximately £16,000) following the death of a German backpacker due to heat stress.


According to the head of health and safety for Greater Manchester Police, officers should assess the risks and potential danger before making the decision to chase criminals.


A 21-year-old contractor received a fatal electric shock whilst working at a food factory in Chichester, Sussex.


A 49-year-old maintenance worker fell to his death after a tragic accident at a power station in South Wales.


Following a workplace accident in February 2010, Swancote Foods, a food manufacturing company, has been fined £10,000 after an employee severed two fingers in a potato processing machine.


On Thursday 2nd June a fatal explosion at an oil refinery in West Wales claimed four lives; a fifth casualty remains in a critical but stable condition in hospital.


Over 1,600 people across Europe have been infected with a mutant strain of E.coli, and a reported 18 people have already been killed by this deadly bacteria.


Due to an accident in December 2009 caused by the collapse of a large section of scaffolding, a Surrey-based company has been fined £7,500.


A self-employed construction worker suffered severe burn injuries following a terrifying 11,000 volt electric shock from an overhead power cable.


In April 2008, a manufacturing worker suffered serious injuries to his hand after a horrific accident at the Heinz Baked Beans factory where he worked in Wigan.


A recent survey by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), has found that work-related accidents and illness costs UK businesses an alarming £8 billion a year.


A building contractors firm, Tully and Son Ltd, has been fined £15,000 for failing to comply with their health and safety obligations; which led to the injury of a young worker who was a promising motorcycle racer.


A Derbyshire McDonald's fast food restaurant refused to serve a 42-year-old woman riding in a horse and carriage whilst using their drive-thru service, as it was felt they were a health and safety hazard.


A 58-year-old father of nine was tragically crushed to death when part of a building fell on him in central London.


The Crimped Paper Works, a paper firm based in Chapel-en-le-Frith, has been fined £15,000 after an employee mangled his hand in machinery; losing three of his fingers.


According to recent research, the younger generation of today are becoming shielded from traditional children’s activities, due to the amount of time spent playing on games consoles and the increased restrictions of recent years.


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Kent County Council has been hugely criticised after it removed Neighbourhood Watch signs, believing that they were a potential health and safety risk for tall people.


After the demolition of an disused cinema went disastrously wrong, the Liverpool based demolition company has been fined a total of £5,000.


Working as an engineer for Ascot Doors, Paul McNultly was called out to a Currys store in Ashton upon Lyne, where he was involved in a terrible accident which resulted in the amputation of his arm.


A young farmworker was tragically killed at work due to a lack of safety measures adopted by his employers.


Gloucestershire-based Cotswold Geotechnical Holdings has lost an appeal against its conviction for corporate manslaughter.


On 22 September 2009 a heavy goods driver was seriously injured in a workplace accident; which fractured his jaw in several places and also resulted in him losing three teeth.


Following an explosion at Bacton gas terminal in Norfolk, 2008, Shell UK has admitted to seven health and safety and environmental breaches in connection with the incident.


A company in Oldham has been convicted for continuing to ignore health and safety notices; therefore putting workers lives at risk.


Sir Paul Stephenson, the Metropolitan Police commissioner, has attacked health and safety regulations for hindering police officers in their line of duty. The criticisms have been fuelled by the recent conclusion of the 7/7 inquests last Friday.


Following a fatal fire at a Newquay hotel in 2007, killing three people, an £80,000 fine has been given to the hotel owners for failing to comply with their health and safety obligations.


Firefighters in Shropshire are working together to encourage local businesses to fully understand and comply with their Fire Safety obligations in line with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.


Even though the fun of bumper cars strangely involves 'bumping', strict rules are being introduced to regulate this popular fairground ride following health and safety concerns.


Tragically, a 23-year-old man fell to his death on Easter Monday after a human cannonball stunt went wrong.


According to a health and safety expert from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), employers are advised to increase their provision of workplace health and safety training for employees.


In August 2006, five workers were severely injured whilst conducting maintenance work on a high-pressure food-processing machine for a pet food company in Wisbech.


Another incident highlighting health and safety gone mad has occurred at a Tesco store in Bristol this week.


Following bizarre health and safety advice on 'lunchbox safety' that was issued to 1,219 officers and staff in Lincolnshire, Police Chief Constable Richard Crompton has now apologised for the "unnecessary" guidance.


Having pleaded guilty to serious health and safety breaches, totalling over 15 individual offences, a food store owner from Harrow has avoided a prison sentence.


A shocking photo of a labourer conducting work in dangerous conditions has served as an eye-opener Hertsmere Borough Council, who have issued a firm caution to the responsible contractor.


In an attempt to tackle the current compensation culture that's spiralling out of control, recent reports suggest that individuals making personal injury claims will soon have the option to complete them online.


A steel firm from Gateshead has been fined after an avoidable accident seriously injured an employee.


Following the death of a construction worker, two company’s have been convicted of health and safety breaches and ordered to pay a fine of £200,000 each.


Whilst carrying out a refurbishment on a Wrexham nightclub, contractors working at the site were exposed to brown asbestos after removing sprayed coating from steel beams.


The highly anticipated royal wedding will be celebrated by millions across the country at the end of this month. David Cameron is urging anyone wanting to organise celebrations for the wedding of Prince William and Kate not to be stopped by "health and safety" red tape.


A newly introduced law now bans children and teenagers from using sunbeds in England. This is a necessary change in reaction to the staggering increase of skin cancer among young females.


Well-known pub chain, Wetherspoons, has been fined more than £30,000 after a young employee suffered severe burns at one of its bars in Exeter.


After continually ignoring health and safety warnings, a construction company from Coventry has pleaded guilty to breaching the Health and Safety at Work Act, and ordered to pay a fine of £14,000.


During a day trip organised by East Sussex County Council, a man with learning difficulties tragically died after consuming dishwasher fluid having thought it was orange squash. Five others on the same trip also drank the fluid, suffering severe internal injuries.


A recent driver survey from Goodyear has shockingly revealed that over 50% of motorists do not understand how traffic lights work.


At Cheshire based motor components company, Mitras Automotive (UK) Ltd, a worker seriously injured his leg when a 31 tonne load fell from an overhead crane.


Supermarket giant, Tesco, has admitted to four health and safety breaches in two of its stores in Warnfield and Sandhurst.


In December last year Deeside Metal Co, a scrapyard business, was fined £100,00 over health and safety breaches that resulted in the death of a worker.


Lorry driver, Andrew Brown, was tragically killed at a Garden Centre when two gates fell on him whilst being unloaded from his vehicle.


In April 2009, an accident at a Knowsley Factory left a worker with severe injuries to his hand.


During a luxury break at a golf and leisure resort in Scotland, Edward Warnes, 60, contracted Legionnaires’ Disease which tragically caused his death.


Following a fatal fire at a Cornwall hotel in August 2007, the hotel owners have now admitted to breaching health and safety regulations.


In a workplace accident at Compass Engineering factory, Barnsley, a worker narrowly escaped death after being squeezed through a gap only five inches wide.


The recent announcement that all UK health and safety laws will be under review serves as a reminder to all responsible employers that proper health and safety management increases business efficiency, according to the British Safety Council (BSC).


A North Wales chemical company, Abacus Chemical Ltd, has been sentenced after a worker suffered severe toxic burns across his body at an Ellesmere Port factory.


Following injuries caused by ongoing and excessive use of vibrating tools, Andrew Bowler, a council worker for Nottingham City Council, has been awarded £60,000 compensation.


Following health and safety inspections over the past two months on 288 construction sites, it was found that one in five construction sites in Scotland provide extremely dangerous conditions for workers.


Today, the government has announced that all existing health and safety laws in the UK will be subject to a review; making further improvements on the previous review by Lord Young, Common Sense, Common Safety - that was published only a few months ago in October last year.


A successful charity shop in Devon has been forced to close following health and safety inspections. The Cancer Research UK shop run by 29 volunteers, have been told that they must employ a manager to supervise the volunteers, with a salary of around £25,000.


E-learning provider EssentialSkillz has announced the appointment of a new Managing Director to lead the rapidly growing company through its next stage of development.


At this weeks 2011 IOSH Conference, it was revealed that Cotswold Geotechnical Holdings has applied for permission to appeal against its conviction under the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act and the £385,000 fine that they were ordered to pay.


Award-winning special effects expert, Christopher Corbould, has been cleared of health and safety failures after the death of a cameraman during the making of the last Batman film, The Dark Knight.


The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has prosecuted two firms following the death of a builder in April 2006 when a 31-tonne concrete beam crushed him to death.


Jonathan Mingo has been convicted by a jury at Truro Crown Court for failing to comply with health and safety regulations after a guest died at a hotel in Newquay.


Charity shop worker, 41 year old Simon Burgess, was left floating face-down in a 2ft deep boating lake because emergency services refused to pull him out over fears for their own safety.


According to a new survey by the Trade Union Coordinating Group (TUCG), workplace stress has significantly increased over the last year.


During a children’s party at Plymouth City Council run swimming centre at Harewood Park, a young boy was pulled unconscious from the water and transferred to Derriford Hospital by ambulance.


Due to health and safety failures, global energy firm Shell UK are facing charges for breaching the required health and safety standards for their employees at Bacton gas terminal.


In September 2007 Conway Wickliffe was tragically killed whilst filming a stunt scene for the making of box office hit Batman: The Dark Knight. On Tuesday 8th March, special effects expert Christopher Corbould was accused of breaching health and safety rules that led to the avoidable death of the cameraman.


Lollipop men and women have been subject to a health and safety clamp down in recent years due to strict rules and regulations enforced by local councils.


Huyton's Malvern Primary School in Merseyside has imposed a ban on bringing footballs onto the premises. Football heroes Steven Gerrard, Peter Reid and Joey Barton all grew up playing the sport in the same school playground, which now forbids such games.


Due to recently amended legislation in relation to fire safety, businesses are now responsible to appoint a 'competent person' to manage an organisations fire safety policies and procedures. In addition is the introduction of a due diligence defence which hasn't previously existed in traditional health & safety laws.


The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has prosecuted a haulage partnership following an inspection at it's site in Stirling. The inspection revealed dangerous health and safety breaches, resulting in an £8,000 fine for the partnership; Harpers Transport.


With so many tools offering “Rapid Authoring”, EssentialSkillz decided to develop a tool that both lived up to the name and provided an out of the box experience with no training required.


Three fire service managers from Warwickshire have been charged with manslaughter by gross negligence over the deaths of four firefighters.


In the UK there is very specific and strict legislation to govern fire safety management. Fire safety policies & fire risk assessments in a commercial environment ensure that these legal requirements are met to protect both employees and businesses from any fire related risks; by helping to identify what these potential risks could be and how to manage them.


Following a number of concerns expressed to the Health Protection Agency in recent months, investigations are currently under way to see if this latest pampering craze has any associated risks of infection.


Following a fire in August 2009 at Bowland Lodge care home, Newcastle, safety officers carried out a thorough inspection revealing several serious breaches of fire safety law.

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