The Ultimate Learning Management System

This powerful Learning Management System provides extensive reporting functionality for any type of eLearning programme, enabling organisations to rapidly implement online training initiatives specific to their learning requirements.

Features at a glance:

  • Dynamic KPI multi-tier reporting
  • Detailed audit trail
  • Tracks non-compliance as well as compliance
  • Automated email notifications
  • Easy administration of employee turnover and movement
  • Increased efficiency of the training process; gaining more value from the training budget
  • Track individual activity; view employee progress, scores and records
  • Organisations can be subdivided by any means to simplify course roll-out and tracking
  • Continual analysis over any period, providing detailed reporting which enables focused decision-making and targeted responses where they are needed
  • Increased organisational awareness encouraging a culture of compliance to evolve throughout your workforce
  • Improve efficiency and uptake of compliance initiatives
  • Quick and simple to set-up; no installation required and accessible anywhere through the web
  • Trusted by some of the largest organisations in the world
  • O-LAS Author -  Course Authoring Tool for rapid development of your own eLearning courses
    Branding pack providing complete corporate branding of the system.
  • O-LAS Assess - optional Risk Assessment Management module enabling you to effectively carry out, prioritise and manage employee risk assessments on any subject

Centralised eLearning that is accessible and scalable
Ensure that all your employees receive the highest quality learning and development, approved by your team and rolled out from a central source. eLearning is available 24/7, allowing access across sites and time zones to suit your needs. Licenses can be scaled seamlessly as your business grows.

Keep a single training record for each employee
With our Instructor Led Training (ILT) module you can track classroom training alongside eLearning, all in one system. Upload certificates and scores to create a single training view making skill gap analysis much, much easier.

Testing and Confirmation of Knowledge
Design your own tests and assessments to confirm that the training has been understood.

O-LAS has built in functionality for creating and editing end of course tests. The tests are highly configurable, depending on how you wish to test the users knowledge. You can edit the tests that are included with our eLearning courses and add your own tests if you are authoring courses using O-LAS Author.

Features include:
  • Random selection of questions from a database of questions
  • Random selection combined with set questions, so only some of the questions are randomly selected
  • Choose whether the employee is told if the answer is correct when answered, or if they wait until the end of the test
  • Define how many questions are asked in the test
  • Define how many attempts an employee gets to pass the test
  • Set the pass marker
The system will also generate branded certificates which are stored against the employee's training record.

Tracking, Reporting, re-enrolling your eLearning
Compliance is high on the agenda with our LMS. We know that clients need to roll out training and then report on compliance across the business. O-LAS has a Compliance Module that provides a dashboard of compliance, by course or by job role, across your whole organisation or filtered, to give a more granular view.

Alongside auto-enrolling new employees in their required course, colleagues can be automatically re-enrolled for training as refreshers become due or when new regulations mean that a course needs to be adjusted and re-sat.

Integrate your HR, Training and Compliance Systems

As a fully SCORM 1.2 compliant system, you can host third party eLearning on O-LAS, and using the integrated Authoring Tool can even create your own SCORM compliant courses on any subject.

O-LAS can integrate with most standard HR or payroll systems, this allows for automation of the enrollment procedures, meaning employees are automatically put on the correct training path when they join you.

The Instructor Led Training (ILT) Module is an add-on for our feature rich O-LAS LMS. It allows for the enrolling, tracking and reporting of ILT alongside eLearning.

Using the intuitive LMS tools, you are able to create ILT courses and enrol employees on the course. Once the course has been completed, you are then able to upload an attendance sheet, indicate agreed or non-agreed absences and allocate a score to each employee that attended.

A certificate can also be uploaded for each individual that attended the course or, O-LAS can generate a certificate and show the score achieved in any end-of-course test.

Best of all, the training is recorded against each individual's training record in O-LAS, giving a complete history of both face to face training and eLearning. Of course, you can also use the powerful reporting tools built in to O-LAS for reporting on historic ILT training sessions.

The ILT Module from EssentialSkillz:

  • Fully integrated into the EssentialSkillz LMS (O-LAS)
  • Track ILT training along side eLearning
  • Upload attendance sheets
  • Mark agreed or non-agreed absences
  • Allocate scores to trainees
  • Report on all training
  • Easy to use interface

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