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Office at night: Health & Safety for a lone Worker
Ensuring Health and Safety a lone worker is a growing issue for HR and H&S Teams in UK Organisations.   What is a lone worker? A Lone worker or Lone Working  is defined by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) as those who work by themselves without close or direct supervision.  It is estimated up
internet use at work

Internet use at work

Do Your employees know the boundaries of Internet use at work? Internet use at work can be a minefield.  Electronic communications have revolutionised businesses worldwide and it is now commonplace for many organisations to routinely use email along side, or instead of, the telephone.  Email is cost effective, user friendly, convenient, aids flexible working and

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    The importance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    What is PPE? PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment and is defined in the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations as: ‘All equipment (including clothing affording protection against the weather) which is intended to be worn or held by a person at work which protects them against one or more risks to their health and...
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    NOISE! What constitutes noise at work?

    An estimated 17,000 people in the UK are suffering from permanent hearing damage due to noise at work. Many employees, in various industries, are exposed to some degree of noise at work.  However, if the noise is intrusive and people are having difficulty hearing what others say or have to shout to be heard and...