Dynamic Translation

Dynamic eLearning translation from EssentialSkillz

EssentialSkillz courses are translatable into a vast array of languages. We can provide traditional translation for our courses i.e. the course is translated and the text held in our database for delivery into the course or, we can provide a unique inline dynamic translation service.

EssentialSkillz have developed a unique approach to eLearning translation. One of the biggest challenges with using traditional translations for eLearning is that once you have translated a course into 5 different languages, you have increased your maintenance burden by 5 - each time you make a change, you need to make the change in 5 languages.

As all EssentialSkillz courses are fully editable, we needed to come up with a 21st century solution to the problem. The result is that all our courses can have dynamic, real-time translation applied to them. This means that the course is translated every time a trainee loads it - the trainee chooses their language from the start screen and then the course is translated "on the fly".

Because the course is translated 'on demand', you only need one version of the course - the English version. You can then amend the course using our integrated Authoring tool and the next time it is launched, it will be translated, including your changes. Simple.

The time and cost savings of using this tool over traditional translations is huge. We would be happy to demonstrate how this works for you. Please call 0844 448 4414 or click here to arrange a free trial.