Corporate Online Training

The advantages of a fully integrated eLearning system

As the percentage of tech-savvy millennials rises in the work force, the reliance on eLearning tools should increasingly form a mainstay in the training armoury of your organisation.

A Learning Management System provides a greener and more cost effective way to roll out training across multiple locations, and hundreds if not thousands of people.

For companies with over 100 Employees, a Learning Management System (LMS) is now the most popular way to organise and roll out and audit the training and eLearning undertaken in the business.

Combining 24/7 availability with greater accountability and audit capability helps to break down the barriers to training and ensure the organisation embraces the learning agenda.

We offer O-LAS a comprehensive LMS.  The O-LAS system is web based and fully SCORM compliant making it easy to roll out and integrate with existing HR and training software.  You can adopt the system on its own, or choose to populate it from our library of pre written training courses.