Achieve compliance across your workforce

Software and eLearning that engages your workforce with compliance and reduces your people risk

Find out why over 500 global brands trust us to ensure compliance

Increase engagement with compliance

Our compliance platform engages your workforce and gives you the data you need to spot compliance gaps.

Deliver relevant compliance training

Our 60+ eLearning courses are fully customisable, by you.

Include information on your policies and procedures to engage your workforce with training that is relevant and specific to their roles.

Identify and reduce people risk

Our people risk assessments empower employees to identify risk and raise concerns.

This increases efficiency, develops accountability and strengthens your compliance culture.

See how we can help you improve workforce compliance

Increase compliance & reduce your people risk

Our software and eLearning engages your workforce to enhance your compliance culture and drive behavioural change

Promote behavioural change

Quickly create and customise your compliance communication using our in-built authoring tool to promote the behaviours you need from your workforce.
  • Create relevant training and policies for your organisation
  • Easily customise our courses to suit your needs
  • Maintain full version control of every change made

Reduce administrative burden

Fully automate the compliance process so onboarding, training and risk identification happens seamlessly.
  • Automate enrollments for training, policies and risk assessments
  • Remove the need to manually update data
  • Schedule in-depth reports for yourself and the wider organisation

Enhance your compliance culture

Deliver relevant and timely information with our Compliance Platform. Communicate your message clearly, build accountability and enhance your compliance culture.
  • Engage your workforce with information and training that is relevant and specific to their roles
  • Use in-depth reporting to spot compliance gaps and people risk
  • Strengthen your competitive advantage with a compliant workforce

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