Brand guidelines

The EssentialSkillz logo is made of two parts: the logo (EssentialSkillz and the 'e') and the logomark (just the 'e'). Be sure to use them consistently.

EssentialSkillz Orange

Download: PNG | SVG

Download: PNG | SVG

Reversed Orange

Download: PNG | SVG

Download: PNG | SVG


Download: PNG | SVG

Download: PNG | SVG

Usage Guidelines

What follows is a visual guide on how to use our logo and logomark. While the logomark isn’t shown, the principles apply to both. In addition to the below guidelines, be sure to:

  • Always link any logo used to
  • Download and host our logo on applicable servers instead of linking to ours.

Use the orange and/or dark logo and/or logomark over a white or light grey background.


Never use the orange and/or dark logo and/or logomark over a colour background


Use the reversed/white logo against dark backgrounds.


Never use the reversed/white logo over a lighter colour backgrounds. Unless stated otherwise


Use the logo as provided


Do not alter the logos, such as the colour or proportions.


The aim of our palette is meant to enhance the user’s experience through the way they interact with our marketing and product.

Primary Colours

Primary colors are the core colours we use throughout our user interface(Onyx, Neon carrot, and Middle blue green). They should be used as the main colours to convey EssentialSkillz throughout our application and marketing.

  • Onyx


  • Black Widow


  • Dark Gunmetal


  • Lavendar Grey


  • White Smoke


  • Neon Carrot


  • Peach Orange


  • Seashell Peach


  • Middle Blue Green


  • Powder Blue


  • Emerald



EssentialSkillz typography is organised to keep things simple, readable, and non-distracting from the task at hand.


EssentialSkillz will employ Montseratt as its exclusive font family: a versatile and sophisticated typographic system, excellent for EssentialSkillz voice and tone.