Internet, Email & Social Media Policy Online Training

  • Highlights the practices expected of employees who use workplace IT facilities and equipment to avoid creating legal liabilities for the organisation or individual.
  • Outlines the employee’s responsibilities in safeguarding the organisation’s IT facilities and equipment.
  • Explains how employees can responsibly use social media professionally and personally.


Tablet Friendly
Accredited for CPD


The EssentialSkillz Internet, Email & Social Media Policy Online Training Course outlines the importance of using IT facilities (eg networks that include private intranets and public internet), software and equipment (eg PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones) appropriately. Responsible use of IT facilities reduces the risk of security breaches for you and your organisation.

Concepts such as copyright, data protection, discrimination, harassment and confidentially and how they relate to appropriate use of an organisation’s IT facilities are explained. The fundamentals of IT security are discussed too. The importance of creating strong passwords, carrying out data backups, keeping antivirus software updated and the dangers of unsolicited email attachments are explained. All employees have a duty to work in an security conscientious manner.

Employee responsibilities when it comes to social media is given emphasis. Social media can blur traditional boundaries between work and personal life. The course outlines general principles of appropriate and inappropriate social media use in the workplace, and clearly outlines that, unless specifically authorised, an employee should not comment on behalf of the organisation.

Questions and interactive exercises, such as matching tasks, are used to prompt the user to think about how to apply the lessons learnt in the course. Our Internet, Email & Social Media Policy Training Course can be customised to meet your needs, enabling your workforce to understand the specific policies and procedures you have developed for your organisation. A designated course administrator can edit the text and images within the course, and link to organisation-specific documentation that may be in place, all at no extra cost.

Course Objectives

  • To provide internet training and email training to employees.
  • To detail appropriate and inappropriate use of the organisation’s IT facilities and equipment.
  • To highlight your responsibilities when using the organisation’s IT facilities and equipment.
  • To highlight standards of behaviour expected when using social media.

Course Details


On successful completion of the test users can download and print a certificate.


40 minutes.


Users are required to take a final test consisting of 10 default questions. The default pass mark is 70%

The course administrator within your organisation can:

  • Change the pass mark
  • Implement the random test question feature which selects 10 questions from a bank of 20.
  • Can specify that more than 10 questions must be answered (up to the full bank of 20 questions)

Target Audience

Employees who have access to the internet, email and social media at work.