Prevent Duty Online Training

  • Describes the duties of those who work in educational institutes and who are childcare providers under the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act.
  • Considers the Prevent strategy and how this strategy is applied to their role working in an educational setting.


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The EssentialSkillz Prevent Duty online training is aimed at those who work in educational institutions and are childcare providers in the UK who now have responsibilities under the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act to be vigilant to children and young people who may be at risk of radicalisation and to know what to do if they are identified. The Prevent Duty training focuses on how protecting children and young people from radicalisation is viewed as similar to protecting them from other harms, eg neglect, sexual exploitation, drugs and gangs, and as such, should be considered as part of their wider safeguarding duties. The course discusses what extremism and radicalisation are, how to identify children and young people who might be at risk, and provides suggestions to guide teachers and other employees within schools, colleges, universities and childcare providers on what to do if they identify a child or young person at risk. The course also highlights the importance of services and institutions working together, so that early support can be provided to individuals at risk.

Like all EssentialSkillz courses, this Prevent Duty course can be customised to meet your needs, enabling your workforce to understand the specific policies and procedures you have developed for your organisation. A designated course administrator can edit the text and images within the course, and link to organisation-specific documentation that may be in place, all at no extra cost.

Course Objectives

  • To explain what the Prevent Duty is.
  • To discuss risk factors that suggest an individual may be at risk of becoming radicalised or involved in terrorism.
  • To highlight what action to take if an individual is suspected of being at risk to radicalisation, extremism or getting involved in terrorist activities.
  • To provide information on how to help build resilience to radicalisation and extremism.
  • To define British values.
  • To outline the Channel process.

Course Details


On successful completion of the test users can download and print a certificate.



Users are required to take a final test consisting of 10 default questions. The default pass mark is 70%

The course administrator within your organisation can:

  • Change the pass mark
  • Implement the random test question feature which selects 10 questions from a bank of 20.
  • Can specify that more than 10 questions must be answered (up to the full bank of 20 questions)

Target Audience

The course is targeted at those who work in educational institutions, those who provide childcare and anyone working with children and young adults within a community.

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