EssentialSkillz Competitor Analysis

The purpose of this competitor analysis is for the comparison between EssentialSkillz and some of their main competition in the eLearning industry. This competitor analysis has been based on knowledge that is freely available and from industry experience. All information is correct to the best of knowledge at this time, August 2019.

Training Requirements

Choosing online training that’s right for your business or organisation is a big decision – for a number of reasons. Not only is it a vital part of complying with legislation, but training can also dictate how your employees operate safely, and can even play a role in defining your organisation’s identity and reputation.

With so much on the line it can be difficult to know exactly where to start with finding training that’s right for you. This competitor analysis was created as a way for you to identify the unique selling points of EssentialSkillz and two of its main  competitors, so you can fairly decide on an eLearning solution that is best suited to your organisation.

About EssentialSkillz

EssentialSkillz were founded in Galway, Ireland in 2001 by husband and wife team, Tony & Michelle Dervan. Galway is still home to EssentialSkillz and is supported today by customer-facing offices in
Chester, UK and Delaware, USA.

EssentialSkillz are extremely proud of the quality of their product and the service they provide. As good as EssentialSkillz believe their product to be, it is their after-sales support that differentiates them in the market.

With over 55 high quality, regularly updated and fully customisable eLearning courses covering Health & Safety, Business Protection and Wellbeing ensuring you, your employees and your workplace are compliant in the key areas.



EssentialSkillz eLearning courses are fully editable, by you, at no extra charge. This gives administrators the ability to make training relevant to any company specific policies and procedures.

EssentialSkillz fully update their courses every 12-18 months, ensuring that your training is always consistent with current best practice. EssentialSkillz don’t offer video eLearning, to allow them to do this.

Courses are dynamically updated in the WorkWize LMS or third-party LMS. Taking away the need to manually update courses to the lastest version.

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WorkWize LMS

The compliance dashboard is unique to EssentialSkillz, it dynamically recognises users job functions and automates the enrolment, re-enrolment and un-enrolment of all training.

Users who failed to complete training are automatically re-enroled and their non completion is tracked.

Every email sent from the system to users is recorded against the employee’s training record, maintaining a full audit trail of an organisations communications with an employee.

EssentialSkillz allow for unlimited administrators at no extra cost.



The compliance dashboard allows administrators to quickly identify users who repeatedly fail to engage with their training, providing immediate data on where compliance gaps are appearing.

Highly in-depth reporting and KPIs, which allows you to fully configure the information to report on the exact data you need.

Perform actions from within reports, such as sending emails, enrolling users and resolving risks.

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Authoring Tool

The EssentialSkillz authoring tool allows you to create your own engaging and interactive eLearning courses. Use EssentialSkillz templates to quickly and easily insert images, text, interactions and questions.

Full version control is kept of all edits made, meaning you can always refer back to them in the future.

Risk Assessment

Users have the ability to self-resolve low level risks flagged in the risk assessment, reducing excessive numbers of risk being raised to administrators. 

The batch resolve feature allows admins to group the same risk raised by users, and resolve simultaneously. 

A full audit trail of who dealt with issue and how it was resolved is kept.


EssentialSkillz recently won the Customer Service Award at the 2019 BSIF Safety Awards. Their support team outnumbers the sales team at 3 to 1, showing their investment in customer success.

Their support team resolve over 80% of requests in 30 minutes or less.

From a recent survey, administrators rated their customer support an average of 9 out of 10.


EssentialSkillz offer unlimited custom fields when transferring data to the LMS, so you
can go into as much detail as you need for compliance reports.

With the DataLink integration, WorkWize LMS can integrate with your HR system allowing for a two-way transfer of data. For example, you can transfer employee data from your HR system to WorkWize LMS and compliance reports can be sent back to a third party system.

EssentialSkillz supports Single Sign-On to make access to WorkWize LMS seamless.

If you already have an LMS, the EssentialSkillz Risk Assessment, Authoring Tool, Policy Compliance and courses can be integrated with your existing system.


Policy Compliance

With EssentialSkillz document sign-off, users are required to digitally sign and complete a test to prove understanding of the document or policy they have read, proving acceptance and  understanding from employees.


About Safety Media

Safety Media have been a Health & Safety training provider for over 20 years, mainly targeting mid-sized organisations. When founded, Safety Media specialised in delivering safety content through DVD and video learning, before branching out to health & safety eLearning and integrated software solutions in 1998.

Safety Media were recently acquired by The Access Group as part of the expansion of its UK Digital Learning and Compliance space.


Safety Media USPs


Safety Media have a large course library of over 100 courses, categorised into Health &
Safety and Compliance & Soft Skills.

Video content is included as part of their training library.


Safety Media offer an incident reporting software, so users can create a record of any near misses or accidents straight into the LMS

For course enrolment, administrators will need to create a training plan where relevant courses can be added to a list. Admin will then have to frequently allocate each plan to either a department or a series of users.

Admins can also choose what order the courses are completed in, by creating a Learning Path within the training plan.


The Safety Media Audit tool allows administrators to pull reports based on department, course, date, user, activity and event.


Combined Health & Safety Management System and LMS for convenience.

Risk Assessment

Every risk flagged by employees in the risk assessment is sent to the relevant administrator for resolution. Risk assessment is integrated into courses.

Authoring Tool

Safety Media don’t offer an authoring tool, however you can request them to make edits to the training for you.


Safety Media offer a Web Service API meaning their LMS can integrate with your HR system, allowing for a one-way transfer of data.

Safety Media support Single Sign-On which gives users simple access to their training. All of Safety Media’s courses are SCORM compliant and can be integrated into a third party LMS.


Customers receive their own dedicated Customer Experience Manager who will provide them with feedback, updates and general support on a quarterly basis

About iHasco

iHasco are a provider of Health & Safety and compliance eLearning, whose solution is best suited to the SME market. Founded in 2008, iHasco pride themselves on their easy to use LMS and large library of over 100 courses. With a large focus on providing workplace learning for quick and easy compliance.

Their cost effective and quick to deploy training solution is ideal for a straightforward training

iHasco USPs


iHasco have a large course library, with over 100 courses, categorised into Health &
Safety, HR Compliance and Management courses. Their training can be cost effective for those with an uncomplicated training requirement. iHasco use video based content as part of their eLearning.


iHasco’s LMS is SCORM compatible, with basic functionality and reporting that’s suitable for SMEs. Administrators can manually select and assign users to training courses. In the LMS, users can view and demo other courses from iHasco’s course library.


The LMS gives administrators the ability to choose from pre-set reporting options, including completed, expired, failed, in progress, not started or archived. Pre-configured email automation that sends users a welcome message, plus reminder and rating emails. Administrators can generate reports of completion and non-completion alongside user ID. This can be exported into a spreadsheet for admins to contact noncompletion users.

Risk Assessment

iHasco offer an external Risk Assessment Tool where administrators can create risk assessments and complete themselves, based on potential workplace risks.


When importing new users, administrators can manually upload users one-by-one or
bulk upload users with CSV.  All of iHasco’s courses are SCORM compliant and can be integrated into a third party LMS.


iHasco customers have an Account Manager as a first point of call for support. Over 99% of iHasco’s surveyed clients were more than happy with the service they received, after taking part in an annual satisfaction survey

Comparison Chart


Safety Media
Courses approved by RoSPA and CPD
Course content is fully editable, by you
Video based eLearning content
Courses updated every 12-18 months
Dynamic course content updates in a third-party LMS
Enterprise LMS
Optimised solution for SMEs
Closed-Loop compliance
Automated classroom training (ILT)
Authoring Tool
Detailed & actionable reporting
H&S Risk Management System
Ability to identify & prioritise risks
Self-resolve risk assesssment feature
Batch resolve risk assessment feature
Integrated risk assessment
Document Sign-Off & Distribution
Support Single Sign-On (SSO)
Integrate Risk Assessment & Document Sign-off into a third-party LMS
Two-way integration with HR/Payroll systems
Award Winning customer support

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