Compliance Learning Management System

A purpose-built LMS with compliance at its core

How it works

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1 Automatically detect user training needs during onboarding
2 Immediately schedule and deploy training and policies
file searching
3 Easily identify non-compliance and areas of risk
4 Automatically enrol non-compliant users on incomplete courses
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5 Configure actionable reports and build a robust audit trail


Identify, prioritise and resolve risk with a solution that makes your entire risk management process simple.

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A versatile in-built authoring tool that allows you to create engaging and fully interactive courses at no extra cost.

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Automatic user enrolment

Automatically enrol employees on essential training during the onboarding process so they have everything they need right from the start. Admins can also schedule periodic refresher courses to make sure users are kept up to date with the latest in best practice, policy and legislation.

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Rapid authoring tool

Edit any EssentialSkillz course at no extra cost, or create your own courses with a subscription to our Authoring tool. Add scripts, images, videos, presentations and interactions to create engaging training in minutes - not days. Track every version of your courses, maintain a comprehensive audit trail and recall development records at any time.

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Fully customisable reports

Our dynamic reporting dashboard collects information on every aspect of your training so your compliance data is exactly where you want it when you need it most. Generate fully configurable and editable reports and visualise your data for simple, at a glance reporting.

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Automatic re-enrolment

Eliminate the time-consuming back and forth email chains associated with re-enrolling users on training. Schedule periodic refresher courses, automatically re-enrol non-compliant users and track every instance of non-engagement for future reference.


White label branding

Our dedicated support team can seamlessly incorporate your brand with WorkWize in a way that resonates with your users and aligns with your corporate identity. Customise your emails and notifications to add a personal touch to the way you communicate with your users about their training.

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Already have an LMS...

But love our features? 

We can integrate with your existing LMS to make your compliance process even more effective


Effortlessly launch and manage EssentialSkillz courses directly from your third-party LMS to diversify your training library and strengthen your compliance profile.

Manage and track your training without the need to move to a completely new system.


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WorkWize Author

Create your own courses, risk assessments, policies and documents and make changes whenever you need to with our versatile authoring tool.

Any and all changes are instantly picked up and transferred to your third-party LMS, so your users always have access to the most up to date and relevant training. Create a completely auditable archive of any adaptations and maintain full version control of your training.

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Effortlessly launch your own employee risk assessments from your third-party LMS with RiskLink. 

Data is automatically fed back into the WorkWize system so you can swiftly identify, manage and resolve risk in your workplace using our powerful tool."

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DataLink fully automates the two-way transfer of information between WorkWize and your existing system so you have the right information exactly where you want it.

Connect with your HR, payroll, TMS and more to seamlessly feed data back into your system of choice.

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"I would always recommend great products like WorkWize. We are only just really starting to use the software to its fullest and having great results."


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