Already have an LMS in place? From our course library to our reporting functionality, our versatile integrations can work with your existing system to strengthen your compliance process and make it even more effective.

With our integrations you can:

  • Automatically transfer data between your existing platforms and WorkWize
  • Launch our courses through your third-party LMS
  • Enable your third-party LMS to use our authoring tool, risk assessments and policies
  • Simplify the authentication process with our single sign-on feature

Seamlessly connect our features with your existing systems

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Decide what features you want to integrate with your existing system


We kickstart the process 

Our dedicated team seamlessly integrate your new functionality


Step by step guidance

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Available Integrations



Develop, manage and deploy any EssentialSkillz course directly through your existing LMS. Edit our courses or create your own with our rapid authoring tool and maintain full version control of any changes you make.

  • Launch courses directly from your existing system
  • Add new courses as you scale your training process
  • Any changes made using WorkWize Author are instantly reflected in your system

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Launch newly developed risk assessments with RiskLink. Swiftly identify, prioritise and manage risks from across your organisation. Seamlessly deploy your content from your third-party LMS.

Learn more about our risk assessment tool



DataLink fully automates the two-way transfer of data between WorkWize and your existing systems. Connect with your HR, payroll, training system and more to streamline your onboarding process.



Launch WorkWize policy compliance modules directly from your LMS. Create, adapt and deploy documents that test user understanding and confirm their acceptance of new policies and procedures.


Single Sign-On (SSO)

Our single sign-on (SSO) feature provides users with a seamless login interface that simplifies the password authentication process. Eliminate password-related resets, streamline access and maintain a strong security profile with our effective solution.  


Identify, prioritise and resolve risk with a solution that makes your entire risk management process simple.

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A versatile in-built authoring tool that allows you to create interactive and engaging courses at no extra cost.

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