Compliance Tracking and Reporting

Generate fully configurable and editable reports to drill down to the detail on compliance across your entire organisation.

  • Fully configurable in-depth reporting
  • Break down figures through custom data fields
  • Visualise your results for effective at a glance reporting
  • Automatically distribute actionable reports
  • Integrate with your existing LMS

Top Features



Real-time actionable reporting as standard

WorkWize puts effective data at the forefront of your reporting capabilities, giving you everything you need to understand, manage and resolve compliance issues quickly and efficiently. 

  • Preset custom fields and categories to collect the data you want to see
  • Use actionable data to understand and improve performance
  • Schedule periodic reports and send them out to key managers and stakeholders
  • Set admin privileges so the right people have access to the right reports


Monitor compliance levels

Break down compliance figures from across your organisation and use truly effective data to analyse your performance, identify compliance gaps and chase up users who aren't engaging in the training process.

  • Easily identify non-compliance across your organisation
  • Track compliance levels and performance in real-time
  • Break information down by individual, group, location and more
  • Monitor compliance engagements and keep managers in the loop

Effective risk management and reporting 

With WorkWize you can identify, prioritise, manage and report on risk from across your organisation, from individuals and groups to locations and divisions. Track the resolution process from start to finish and keep your users informed at every step.

  • Easily identify low, medium and high-risk issues in your workplace
  • Highlight risk trends to find the source of problems affecting your workforce
  • Allow employees to self resolve low-level issues and escalate others for immediate attention
  • Track and report on every stage of the resolution process



Identify, prioritise and resolve risk with a solution that makes your entire risk management process simple.

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A versatile in-built authoring tool that allows you to create interactive and engaging courses at no extra cost.

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