HSE Analysis tool

Stress can have a significant impact on employee performance. Whatever your work demands, there are steps you can take to safeguard employee wellbeing and combat work-related stress.

Using the HSE Management Standards survey is one of the most effective ways to understand how stress affects your workplace. 

Our Survey Analysis Tool allows you to distribute the HSE Management Standards survey through WorkWize LMS and export the results to the HSE Management Standards Analysis Tool.


How it works 

The HSE Management Standards Indicator Tool can be used as a standalone questionnaire or combined with a custom staff survey. 

The automation feature in WorkWize LMS lets admins to instantly distribute the survey across your enterprise and compile the results. Data can be exported to the HSE Management Standards Analysis Tool which will weight employee responses against the HSE Management Standards. 

Use the results to assess your performance year on year, inform your discussions with employees and strengthen your strategy to combat work-related stress.   


What are the HSE management standards? 

The (HSE) introduced the Management Standards in 2004 to help organisations understand what they need to do to assess and manage work-related stress. The management standards cover six key areas that affect work-related stress: demands, control, support, relationships, role and change. 

The main aim of the standards is to simplify the risk assessment process and provide criteria that enterprises can use to gauge their performance in combatting the key causes of stress.


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