Training Needs Analysis


The EssentialSkillz TNA Tool is purpose-built to enable enterprises to evaluate their training programme and help build a strong, relevant and cost-effective training course library.

  • Assess and qualify your training programme
  • Easily identify gaps and areas of improvement  
  • Use data-driven results to effectively scale training
  • Find a clear direction for identifying training needs


How it works

The TNA Tool allows users to report their day-to-day activities. Based on their response, administrators can then easily group and enroll users on the required training for these activities. Questions can be added to cover everything from their roles and responsibilities to their equipment and work area.  

Create custom TNA questionnaires and assessments that allow employees to outline their actions and responsibilities. Use the results to identify training gaps before they become serious compliance concerns. 

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Easily identify user training needs

Break down results and use configurable data fields to drill down to the detail on your training requirements.

Compile truly actionable data to highlight trends and discover where users lack training, improving their safety and performance. 

Use simple and informative reports to identify areas of concern and take proactive steps to find the right solution to fulfil the training needs of employees across your organisation. 



Identify, prioritise and resolve risk with a solution that makes your entire risk management process simple.

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A versatile in-built authoring tool that allows you to create interactive and engaging courses at no extra cost.

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