WorkWize Release 2.73

WorkWize 2.73, like all WorkWize releases, contains technical, performance and security enhancements as part of our commitment to continual improvement.

Major Updates

Author video tutorials: The WorkWize help section now includes a series of instructional videos about Author.

Survey editing: Administrators can now edit surveys created on WorkWize.

Course accessibility: Several updates have been made to course accessibility to facilitate better compatibility with the JAWS screen reader and keyboard navigation.

Minor Updates

Feedback pop-ups close by clicking background: Course feedback pop-ups will now close if you click on the X button or elsewhere in the course screen.

Standardised info pop-up in 'To Do List' and 'Training Library': There is now no variance in style between the course information pop-up on the To Do List and the Training Library.

Skip to next lesson: The skip lesson button now brings the learner to the first screen of the next lesson rather than the summary screen of the current lesson.

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