People risk assessment tool

Our people risk assessment the most efficient way to proactively identify, manage and eliminate risk within your organisation.

Develop risk assessments that allow users to manage low-level issues and escalate high-level concerns directly to administrators.
  • Empower employees to identify and resolve concerns
  • Places accountability on employees to raise concerns
  • Quickly identify and prioritise high risks and monitor trends
  • Effective for identifying risks for homeworkers

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Early risk identification

Maintain a good risk radar across your organisation with WorkWize people risk assessments. Spot risk early and take action quickly.

Efficient risk resolution

Streamlines your risk resolution process to increase efficiency and productivity with the WorkWize people risk assessments.


Combine our key features with your existing platform to create a system that works for you.


A versatile in-built authoring tool that allows you to create interactive and engaging training courses at no extra cost.

Courses & risk assessments

We offer a range of self-assessments and risk assessments that accompany some of our online training courses. The assessments aim to highlight potential areas of risk within your organisation, enabling you to take appropriate action.
  • Coronavirus Self-Assessment
  • DriveWize Risk Assessment
  • ErgoWize DSE Risk Assessment
  • New & Expectant Mothers Risk Assessment
  • Fire Safety Self-Assessment
  • Homeworkers Risk Assessment
  • Hybrid Working Self-Assessment
  • International Travel Risk Assessment
  • Lone Working Risk Assessment
  • Manual Handling Self-Assessment

About our courses

EssentialSkillz provides a wide range of full-length courses, ranging from 30 minutes to 90 minutes, to help organisations achieve compliance and to educate staff on protecting themselves and others.

The accompanying risk and self-assessments are designed to streamline the assessment and risk management process.

About our risk assessments

From step-by-step training advice to visual guides and checklists, our detailed training and risk resolution modules give users everything they need to confidently manage risks in their workspace.
  • Risk and self-assessments are fully customisable for you to reflect specific examples and requirements for your workplace
  • Report on all aspects of risk, including risk levels, trends and overall progress. 
  • Automatically enrol users on essential risk assessment modules based on their job role, department, location and more.

EssentialSkillz Risk Assessment FAQs

Employers should carry out risk assessments to identify potential areas of risk to employees or the organisation. Risks can then be flagged to administrators to take appropriate action.
You can automatically enrol multiple users on risk assessment modules based on their job role, department, location and more during the onboarding process.
With WorkWize Author, creating clear, concise and effective training and risk assessments is simple. Edit our courses or create your own by adding text, images, videos and interactive stages that reflect the specific needs of your workplace.
WorkWize allows admins to cut down on costs to time and resources by empowering users to resolve lower-level risks themselves. Medium and high-level risks can then be escalated for the immediate attention of administrators for appropriate action.
Administrators can report on all aspects of risk, including risk levels, trends and overall progress. A full audit trail is kept of all risks raised, emails sent and steps that were taken to resolve each issue raised.

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