Meet our Content Team

The EssentialSkillz Content Team researches, writes, designs and develops all courses in our library
We are also here to assist you with all of your content-specific queries you may have around branding, course editing, integration, ongoing support and bespoke courses.


As part of our branding pack, you will receive customised branding to meet your corporate branding colours and guidelines.

Course editing or WorkWize Author training

The Content Team provides training sessions on:

Course editing – Training showing you how to edit courses

WorkWize author – Training on the WorkWize authoring tool that allows you to create your own courses or policies


Ongoing content support

Bespoke content

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WorkWize Administrator Webinars

WorkWize is an intuitive and easy to use system. Our team know how to get the very best out of every feature, and we want to share this expertise with our customers.
We host regular online seminars covering every aspect of the WorkWize system, whether you are a new administrator looking to learn the basics or an experienced admin who wants to brush up on some new features, we will tailor our training to work for you.
Choose which session you would like to attend and schedule a date and time using the form below, or reach out to the team directly.

These are just some of the topics that we cover:

User Management (30 mins)

  • Add new users
  • Configure enrolments
  • Create and send custom emails
  • Monitor user training records
  • Configure and maintain user data
  • Manage organisational structure

Policy Sign Off (30 mins)

  • Create your own policy modules
  • Add relevant policies to existing courses
  • Digital signatures for precise records
  • Report on policy completions

DSE risk management 35 mins

  • Review, action and resolve concerns
  • Navigate the risk task list
  • Analyse trends in risk management
  • Report on every step in the concern process

Compliance (30 mins)

  • Design and create compliance codes
  • Plan re-train intervals for future enrolments
  • Monitor progress with instant compliance reporting

Instructor Led Training (30 mins)

  • Create your own ILT courses
  • Record completions and results
  • Upload certificates and attendance records
  • Report on ILT modules

Reports (30 mins)

  • Compliance reporting
  • KPI activity reports
  • KPI risk management
  • Create and save custom reports

Content Team Support FAQs

The branding process takes place in parallel with your account set-up and configuration (which is coordinated by the Support Team). The Content Team creates branding from either your corporate branding guidelines or your company website. Several areas of WorkWize are branded, such as the:

  • Login screen
  • Banner
  • Course screen
  • Certificates
  • Emails

When the branding is created, we will send over samples within a few days for you to review. Once you review and sign off the samples, we schedule the integration process with our technical team and the branding will be applied.

Once the branding has been applied, you can review it from several areas within the system. You can view your branding on the:

  • Login screen by clicking on your WorkWize link
  • System banner after logging in to your account 
  • Course screen when you launch a course
  • Certificate after you complete a course
  • System emails generated by WorkWize

If you would like to rebrand, contact your Business Development Manager or the Content Team.

Everyone, whether they have purchased WorkWize Author or not, will be able to edit courses. The course editing training will walk you through the process of making edits. The training is conducted online via web conference with an expert from the content team. You will need to access to a computer to see the presenter’s screen and a phone to hear the presenter.

The session takes approximately 40 minutes and the training covers:

  • A quick discussion on the course and image library structure
  • The courses configuration screen
  • Editing course text
  • Editing course images
  • Adding a WorkWize Policy Sign-off page to a course (if you have purchased Policy Sign-off)
  • Previewing of the course
  • Setting up a test
  • Publishing a course
  • Q&A session

WorkWize Author gives you the ability to create and design your own training courses on our easy to use content authoring tool. The WorkWize Author training is an online meeting with an expert on the content team hosted via a web conference. You will need to access to a computer to see the presenter’s screen and a phone to hear the presenter.

The session takes approximately 45 minutes and the training covers:

  • Course script and image preparation before setting up a course
  • Setting-up and building of a new course using our authoring tool
  • Integration of the script and images using pre-defined templates
  • Editing and previewing of the course
  • Adding a WorkWize policy page
  • Setting up a test
  • Publishing a course
  • Q&A session

Please contact the Content Team to schedule a time for the training. We will send you a link and login details to access the web conference. 

The Content Team is here to help if you have any questions or queries regarding editing your own content in our courses or adding new interactions to a course. We can also give you a link to instructional videos and guides for course editing or WorkWize Author. If you can’t find the information you are looking for, you can contact the Content Team directly.

We have two solutions: 

CourseLink: This solution allows your users to launch our courses and for your administrators to report on them from your LMS. You retain access to WorkWize Author, and any changes you make to courses using WorkWize Author will be reflected automatically on your own LMS. 

SCORM Connectors: Quickly and easily export your courses using our SCORM Connector package. This package is a shell of the course that’s imported into your LMS. It is also dynamic so that each time the course is edited and published you do not need to import the package again.

The Content Team can convert PowerPoints (and many other documents) into an EssentialSkillz course. The course created will be SCORM editable. Please contact us for a quote. Alternatively, using our authoring tool you have access to upload your own Powerpoint files into your Google Slides presentation and then simply embed it directly into our course frame at no extra cost.

The Content Team offer training on our WorkWize Author tool to help you create courses rapidly.  

If you already have PowerPoints or other training documents, our content team can create bespoke courses based on this material. Please contact us for a quote.

There is a Document Sign Off feature that can be added into any of your courses, or you can create a specific course using the Policy sign off feature. 

The Policy sign off feature allows you to upload or link to an internal policy or document, and enrol your users on the course, so they can read and digitally sign the document. The users’ agreement to the policy, along with the signature and date, is recorded within WorkWize.