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Health & Safety

Cover your Health & Safety training requirements with our comprehensive range of 30 fully editable, SCORM compliant courses Sign up for a free trial of our award winning eLearning courses and see for yourself why we are the choice of some of the worlds largest organisations. RoSPA Approved.

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Business Protection

Our pack of 17 CPD Accredited eLearning courses are all SCORM compliant, fully editable and kept up to date with the latest legislation. Covering topics from GDPR to Cyber Security and Modern Slavery, this essential pack of eLearning courses is an ideal addition to your overall risk and governance strategy.

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DSE eLearning &
Risk Assessment

A comprehensive online DSE eLearning and Risk Assessment package that can be deployed from our LMS - or your LMS. Our unique DSE training and risk assessment platform is helping companies across the world improve their DSE compliance. Manage DSE risk issues using our comprehensive risk reporting suite.

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Policy Sign off and Compliance

Roll out your policies with digital signature acceptance and proof of understanding. Our unique system enables you to quickly upload policies, deploy to staff and have proof that the policy has been read and most importantly, understood. A full compliance dashboard helps you keep on top of who has and who has not accepted your policies.

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A comprehensive range of Health & Safety eLearning Courses

Health & Safety eLearning

Health & Safety eLearning is a vital addition for any organisation’s training plan. From inductions to annual refreshers, ensuring the right people receive appropriate training is vital. Relevant courses also include Risk Assessments for topics such as DSE, which can be recorded and managed through WorkWize.

This range of Health & Safety eLearning courses is designed to help you quickly and efficiently roll out relevant, targeted training to your workforce. All courses are editable, by you, using our rapid course authoring tool, WorkWize Author.

Courses can be distributed, and compliance monitored using WorkWize or we can supply SCORM compliant courses to launch straight from your own Learning Management System.

eLearning courses designed to improve governance

Business Protection eLearning

Improving employees knowledge of the risks to an organisation presented both by legislation and external threats is a key element of any corporate governance strategy.

Roll out your training using WorkWize and benefit from the built in compliance tool which fully automates training enrolments, reminder emails and periodic re-enrolment. A comprehensive Compliance Dashboard gives a clear view of non compliant employees.

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Editable Content

Take our content and add your own images, videos or text to create a course that reflects the information your teams require. You don’t need to be an L&D specialist, editing is easy with the WorkWize Rapid Authoring tool.

Knowledge Check

Each course includes a fully editable test. You can determine the pass mark and even add your own questions to ensure employees have fully understood the course.

Monitor Training Compliance

If you distribute your training through WorkWize, you automatically have access to a powerful system to highlight training compliance gaps in your organisation. Quickly identify Locations, Teams or Individuals who have not completed the required training.

Reduce work-related MSDs

Automated DSE Training and Risk Assessment

If you are responsible for annual Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessments and are still using a paper-based system, we can demonstrate a more effective way to look after your employees’ Ergonomic requirements.

By training employees on how to correctly set up their workstation and self-resolve simple risk issues, significantly less issues are raised for resolution by a manager. Where a risk is identified that the individual cannot self-resolve, the software behind ErgoWize makes it simple for a manager to identify and address the issue.

Add automated enrolment and re-enrolment and your annual DSE assessment process becomes simpler, more effective and efficient.

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Training professionals around the world depend on EssentialSkillz for high quality course content and a comprehensive compliance Learning Management System.


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