Flexi-pack Special Offer


EssentialSkillz is pleased to introduce the Flexi-pack special offer.

For a limited time, you can purchase your own Flexi-pack featuring any courses from across the EssentialSkillz range. If you’ve ever wanted to purchase a course from an EssentialSkillz pack that your organisation doesn't subscribe to, now is the time! 

Flexi-packs come in bundles of three, six, nine or twelve individual courses - simply add as many courses as you need to your pack and we’ll provide you with a discount of up to 20%.

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Create your own pack content by adding as many courses as you need to your Flexi-pack. Below are some of our best-selling courses from our Health and Safety, Business Protection and Wellbeing packs.

  • Home Working
  • ErgoWize (DSE)
  • Fire Safety
  • Managing Health and Safety
  • Slips, Trips and Falls
  • Data Protection
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Stress Awareness

Add any courses you need to your Flexi-pack! To view and learn more about our entire range of online courses, simply visit the link below.

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About our courses


EssentialSkillz provides a wide range of full-length courses, ranging from 30 minutes to 90 minutes, to help organisations achieve compliance and to educate staff on protecting themselves and others.

All of our eLearning courses are fully interactive and each and every course is regularly updated to ensure technical accuracy and to include the latest best practice.

Our courses are fully editable by you, by using our rapid authoring tool at no extra cost, you can tailor the course to include your company's policies and to add your own text, images, videos, interactions and more.

With our accessibility features, you can put your mind at rest that each course is easily accessible by everyone to improve engagement.

Our courses can be deployed on WorkWize, our automated compliance platform, or hosted on a third-party system. Our dedicated and award-winning support team are available to set up and configure your compliance training to meet your requirements and ensure your success.