Asbestos Awareness Online Training

  • Introduces the properties of asbestos and its effects on health, including the increased risk of lung cancer for asbestos workers who smoke.
  • Describes the types, uses and likely occurrence of asbestos and asbestos containing materials  in buildings and plant.
  • Highlights how to avoid the risks from asbestos, eg for building work, no employee should carry out work which disturbs the fabric of a building unless the employer has confirmed that asbestos containing materials are not present.
  • Details the general procedures to be followed to deal with an emergency, eg an uncontrolled release of asbestos dust into the workplace.


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The EssentialSkillz Asbestos Awareness online training provides asbestos training as per paragraphs 232 and 233 of the approved Code of Practice and guidance (ACOP) to the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, L143 (2013). The intent of the course is not to train people to work with asbestos or asbestos containing materials, but to help them to avoid work that would disturb asbestos.

The Asbestos Awareness course online explains what asbestos is, why it was so widely used, and the dangers of being exposed to it. The overall process of asbestos management is explained, from producing a management plan and arranging an asbestos survey, to interpreting material and priority scores and determining how to protect people.

Use of asbestos and likely locations are described and illustrated, to help workers identify tasks that they should not proceed with until they have checked with someone that asbestos will not be disturbed. Actions to be taken if a worker believes that asbestos has been disturbed are outlined, although this must be reinforced with information about local arrangements.

Questions and interactive exercises are used to prompt the user to think about how to apply the lessons learnt in the course. Like all EssentialSkillz courses, this online Asbestos Awareness training can be customised to meet your needs, enabling your workforce to understand the specific policies and procedures you have developed for your organisation. A designated course administrator can edit the text and images within the course, and link to organisation-specific documentation that may be in place, all at no extra cost.

Course Objectives

  • To state the uses of asbestos and why it is dangerous.
  • To highlight the harmful effects of asbestos.
  • To help you identify asbestos containing materials and where these materials may be found.
  • To highlight control procedures when carrying out tasks that may come into contact with asbestos.

Course Details


On successful completion of the test users can download and print a certificate.


The course lasts approximately 45 minutes, although this can depend on the level of existing knowledge.


Users are required to take a final test consisting of 10 default questions. The default pass mark is 70%

The course administrator within your organisation can:

  • Change the pass mark
  • Implement the random test question feature which selects 10 questions from a bank of 20.
  • Can specify that more than 10 questions must be answered (up to the full bank of 20 questions)

Target Audience

The EssentialSkillz online Asbestos Awareness training is intended to provide asbestos awareness training as per paragraphs 232 and 233 of the approved Code of Practice and guidance (ACOP) to the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, L143. As stated in para 236 of L143: “Asbestos awareness will not prepare employees or self-employed contractors to carry out work with ACMs. Awareness training is only intended to help employees avoid carrying out work that will disturb asbestos or ACMs.”

The EssentialSkillz Asbestos Awareness training therefore provides a basic level of awareness to workers who might otherwise disturb asbestos in the course of their work. This includes maintenance staff, decorators, plumbers, electricians and installers.  Other staff might also find it useful – for example, where office or retail staff might be tempted to attach a poster to a wall with drawing pins, or to hang Christmas decorations to a ceiling with sticky tape. Being aware of the risks of asbestos and the need to check asbestos locations is useful for almost any employee working in a building where there is asbestos.

Although asbestos management is outlined, this course is not a substitute for a full P405 Management of Asbestos in Buildings course, although it would provide a useful preparation for a manager attending such a course.

The online Asbestos Awareness training can be used as part of an induction process, or as a refresher for existing staff.

The course should be supplemented with localised information, for example the location of the asbestos register and contacts in case of an emergency or other query. The course can be edited by your organisation’s course administrator to add localised information.

The Asbestos Awareness training is not sufficient for those carrying out deliberate removal or remediation of asbestos as part of their work.

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