Driver Safety Online Training (UK)

This Driver Safety Online Training course covers:

  • The legal requirements for driving on UK roads, including the law on seat belts, handheld devices and speed limits.
  • What to look for in a basic safety check.
  • Safety tips for driving on motorways, as well as urban and rural roads.

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Course Introduction

Driving is a high-risk activity. Drivers have a responsibility to themselves and others on the road to drive safely at all times. Even for confident and experienced drivers, there are many circumstances that can give rise to danger. External factors, such as poor conditions, other drivers, and breakdowns and accidents, can all put safety at risk.

In the UK, there are between 1,000 and 2,000 fatalities from road accidents every year. About one-third of these fatalities involve a person driving for work.

This Driver Safety Online Training course takes on average 35 minutes to complete.

Course Content

To help keep your employees and other road users safe, the Driver Safety course gives information on everything from planning a journey and understanding stopping distances to protecting vulnerable cyclists and making driving as eco-friendly as possible.

It covers the legal requirements for driving on UK roads, and how to carry out basic safety checks before driving to make sure a vehicle is roadworthy. It is equally important to ensure that people driving for work are fit to drive and understand what factors could make them unfit, for example, fatigue, alcohol consumption or certain medical conditions.

This eLearning course also outlines the importance of staying focused on the road, maintaining a safe speed and avoiding dangerous actions, such as driving aggressively. Practising good driving technique and etiquette is critical at all times, but particularly when driving in poor weather conditions where visibility and road conditions might be unsafe.

The course highlights advice for staff on how to keep themselves safe in these situations, as well as when driving long distances and at night, or during a breakdown or accident.

Like all the EssentialSkillz courses, this Driver Safety eLearning course can be customised to meet your needs, enabling your workforce to understand the specific policies and procedures developed for your organisation. A designated course administrator can edit the text and images within the course, and link to organisation-specific documentation, all at no extra cost.

Key features

All our courses provide technically accurate training which keeps your organisation in line with best practice. We include the latest techniques in learning which ensure learners are engaged throughout. Our courses are also:

Fully customisable by you

Add your own scripts, images, videos, presentations and interactions – with no coding experience required. Use our suite of templates to make our courses your own, delivering highly relevant training to your organisation at no extra cost.

White label branding

We can brand our training with your unique corporate identity to make your users feel right at home throughout the training journey.

Integrate with your LMS

You can deploy this course using our compliance platform. Alternatively, you can deliver this course, with all its key features, directly from your third-party LMS.


Our Driver Safety course can integrate with JAWS ® a widely available text-to-speech integration to help visually impaired users engage with the same, unabridged and high-quality compliance training as their colleagues.


On successful completion, learners receive a personalised certificate which includes the learner’s name, score and date of completion. Certificates can be viewed, downloaded and printed off at any time to serve as a record of compliance.


Our Driver Safety Online Training course is IIRSM certified. This ensures that our courses adhere to the highest standard of training and will provide a practical and meaningful learning experience to our customers.

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Why is this course important for compliance?

  • Driver Safety training forms an essential part of compliance training as it ensures that your organisation complies with its legal obligations and requirements.

Add your own questions

Create your own question and answer bank to test your users on the key information that they need to know to be fully compliant. Set core questions to appear in the test section that users are required to pass so that crucial learning points are reinforced.

Randomise test questions

Generate 10 random questions from a bank of 20 to test your user’s retention and understanding of key content.

Set the pass mark

As training administrator, you can configure the passing score that users need to complete the course. Set your own grade boundaries to ensure your training complies with the standards set out by your organisation.

Who should take this course?

The course is suitable for employees who already have a full driving licence. It is appropriate for those recently qualified as well as those with more experience. Those who have taken advanced motoring courses might find the course useful to refresh their knowledge.

The course is not a substitute for in-vehicle training and assessment. And although the information on safe driving is of broad applicability, the course information is specific to UK road laws, so employees driving in other countries would need additional information.

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