Working at Height Online Training

This Working at Height Online Course:

  • Details how to identify work at height hazards
  • Describes when to avoid working at height
  • Describes how to reduce the risk from working at height
  • Is Fully customisable by you, at no extra cost

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Course Introduction

The EssentialSkillz Working at Height Online Training uses hazard spotting exercises, case studies and other forms of interaction to encourage users to think about the hazards of working at height.

This slide from the Working at Height Course explains the different types of ladders that exist and when they should be used
This slide from the Working at Height Course explains preventative and protective measures

Course Content

For many workers, the aim is to avoid working at height, for example through how the workplace is organised. Where access to heights is essential, the Working at Heights online course provides advice on selecting, inspecting and using access equipment safely. Harm from falling objects to those below is also considered.

Like all EssentialSkillz courses, this online Working at Heights training course can be customised to meet your needs, enabling your workforce to understand the specific policies and procedures you have developed for your organisation.

The Working at Height course is intended as an introduction to safe working at heights, or as a refresher for people who have attended other courses. It is particularly suitable for staff whose main job does not involve working at height, but who might come across situations where they need to access something out of reach from the floor. It can also be used as part of a blended learning approach for people who are working at height, under the supervision of a specialist, where the work has been planned by someone with a more detailed knowledge of the hazards (for example, working on fragile roofs).

Key features

All our courses provide technically accurate training which keeps your organisation in line with best practice. We include the latest techniques in learning which ensure learners are engaged throughout. Our courses are also:

Fully customisable by you

Add your own scripts, images, videos, presentations and interactions - with no coding experience required. Use our suite of templates to make our courses your own, delivering highly relevant training to your organisation at no extra cost.

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White label branding

We can brand our training with your unique corporate identity to make your users feel right at home throughout the training journey.

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Integrate with your LMS

You can deploy this course using our compliance platform. Alternatively, you can deliver this course, with all its key features, directly from your third-party LMS.

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Our Working at Height course can integrate with JAWS ® a widely available text-to-speech integration to help visually impaired users engage with the same, unabridged and high-quality compliance training as their colleagues.

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On successful completion, learners receive a personalised certificate which includes the learner’s name, score and date of completion. Certificates can be viewed, downloaded and printed off at any time to serve as a record of compliance.

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Our Working at Height course is RoSPA approved and certified by IIRSM, ensuring the learning experience we provide is rigorous, proactive and adheres to the highest standard of training.

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Why is this course important for compliance?

  • Working at Height training forms an essential part of compliance training as it ensures that your organisation complies with its legal obligations and requirements.
  • The course is not sufficient for people who work at height as the main part of their role (except as a refresher or preparation for skills-based training). It provides general information about means of fall restraint and fall arrest but does not cover the technical detail of the many systems available for achieving this.
  • Please note: RoSPA recommends for this awareness training course to be combined with face to face training to provide users with all-round skills and knowledge.

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Set the pass mark

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Who should take this course?

It is particularly suitable for staff whose main job does not involve working at height, but who might come across situations where they need to access something out of reach from the floor.

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