IOSH Working Safely

  • The IOSH Working Safely online course is a user-friendly and informative training programme that covers all aspects of basic workplace health and safety.
  • The course uses real-life case studies and scenarios to ensure that users receive a realistic and practical learning experience.
  • Universal application – this course can be taken by employees at all levels and within any industry or sector.
  • IOSH experts are on hand to provide helpful tips and guidance as users work their way through the course.
  • This IOSH course is supplied by an approved IOSH training provider: International Workplace.

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Course Introduction

Designed for employees who are exposed to common workplace hazards, IOSH Working Safely online training provides informative and practical guidance. The course is designed to apply to employees at all levels and offers practical instruction that can be applied to any industry or sector.

The course features a range of interactive exercises, quizzes, drag and drop exercises and case studies, to test your understanding. Throughout the course, there are also a number of short films to further explain key concepts and a series of animations that explain key terminology.


Once IOSH have verified the successfull completion of the course assessments, delegates will be issued with an IOSH Working Safely Certificate.

Who is it for?

  • The IOSH Working Safely is designed to meet the Government’s guidelines for introductory health and safety training and offers health and safety basics for employees in any organisation
  • The IOSH Working Safely course is aimed at all sectors


You can complete the course from any PC, laptop, tablet or phone at any time. Whilst the course will work on any device, for best optimisation we recommend you access the majority of the course from a PC or laptop.


Once completed, IOSH will issue you with an official certificate. The Working Safely course is based on life-long learning so has no expiration date.

How long will it take?

IOSH recommend that students spend around 8 hours completing the course although the course can be completed at your own pace, whatever this may be.

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