Compliance Dashboard

Drill down quickly to identify non-compliant teams, offices or individuals

Closed Loop Compliance

Effectively highlight training compliance gaps to senior and line management.

Monitoring Training Compliance

Closed Loop Compliance from WorkWize LMS is a complete cycle of training and policy distribution that takes away the possibility of compliance gaps.

The system automates 100% the whole process of enrolment, email follow up and re-enrolment and summarises compliance in a clear and concise dashboard.

  • Using a quick to set up integration with your HR or Payroll system, WorkWize LMS receives updates on new starters and leavers automatically
  • New starters are automatically enrolled on the correct training and policies depending on their job role or grouping
  • The system will send an email to the new starter with information of how to log on and complete the training
  • Automated reminders will be sent from the system pushing the employee to complete the training
  • If the employee doesn't complete the training in the allocated time, the system will remove the enrolment and then re-enrol the employee, marking a non completion on their training record
  • This process continues until they have completed the training
  • The system then sets periodic re-enrolment for the employee to re-train on the courses or re-sign the policies

All of the above happens automatically, without any intervention from an administrator and is reported in the Compliance Dashboard.


Standard with WorkWize

The WorkWize Compliance dashboard is provided as a standard feature and puts the your managers on the front foot when it comes to ensuring Training Compliance targets are met across the organisation.

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