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From custom content to corporate branding, EssentialSkillz has everything you need to personalise your Compliance Training.

Seamlessly integrate your brand

We customise every aspect of your training to reflect your brand identity and visual style. From your company logo to your colour scheme, EssentialSkillz has everything you need to help you make your training your own.   

Integrate yoru brand

Limitless management & reporting options 

Make your management options even more efficient. Set admin privileges and capabilities so that the right managers have the right access. Use highly configurable data fields to sort individuals by the smallest detail, and group them together in any way imaginable. Combine this feature with our reporting dashboard, and the possibilities are endless. 

Rapid documents and policy authoring

Introducing changes to procedure has never been easier. Instantly create new policies, documents and assessments and roll them out across your organisation. Our version control feature keeps track of any amendments you make, so you always have a highly detailed audit trail.

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We're proud to work closely with organisations from around the world to deliver a tailor-made user experience that's right for them


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