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The DSE Online Training and Assessment highlights the health risks associated with working with a computer workstation and the preventative action that individuals can take can help reduce the risks.

Automate your management processes

Fully automate time-consuming tasks and free admins up so they can focus on the things that matter most. Instantly onboard new users, schedule regular training, send notifications and easily identify areas of non-compliance. Experience all of the benefits of effective administration with none of the hassle.

Make your training your own

Maximise engagement with our fully optimised DSE training, or create your own. From adding new script to embedding unique multimedia, our course can be fully edited to reflect the needs of your organisation. Swiftly develop unique content and instantly roll it out across your organisation to stay ahead of the curve. 

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Action swift risk resolution

Our DSE risk assessment empowers users to self resolve low-level problems, leaving administrators free to tackle high risk issues. Identify hazards, prioritise them and instantly action large scale resolution through one central platform.

Highly configurable reporting as standard

Our universal reporting dashboard allows organisations to get real results in real time. Compile data based on individuals, groups and divisions, filter through custom fields and bring your data to life with a suite of visual graphs to help your team identify training gaps, highlight trends and track compliance across your organisation.

Integration made easy

Love our features but already have an LMS in place? From creating new content to resolving risk or automating your training process, our key features can be integrated in to your existing system, so you can get even more out of your compliance training.

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