Essential Case Studies: Automating Training for a Major Engineering Company

The Problem

A major Engineering Company approached us with an issue in their current eLearning setup. The client had used a range of eLearning courses and had managed the rollout process internally for a number of years. A new requirement demanded that their eLearning solution be as automated as possible.

Within the business, there was a small, centrally based, Health & Safety team supporting a large number of employees dispersed over many different locations. They wanted to provide standardised training on a number of key Health & Safety issues and ensure that all staff received the training they required to work safely. Additionally, there was also a desire to deliver industry-specific information using eLearning so that the client could track completion and maintain compliance records.

Ideally, they wanted – 

  • To populate a central compliance training staff database
  • pre-programme training for all users for the next 24 months
  • create custom eLearning on key industry-specific topics
  • record and report on department and user training completion
  • managerial control over employee training

The Solution

EssentialSkillz offers a managed service to complement its online training and assessment solutions. In consultation with the client we were able to:

  • upload an easy to maintain database of users on our WorkWize management system
  • pre-programme training for the coming 24 months with staff receiving a tailored eLearning curriculum specific to their role and responsibilities within the business
  • schedule email introductions and reminders to automate the roll-out process and encourage course completion
  • monitor and collate training and assessment data within WorkWize for management reporting and compliance purposes
  • help create custom built training course based on industry-specific scripts using our Content Development Tool

In Practice

EssentialSkillz has been able to facilitate a system that is 99% automated.

All staff training has been pre-programmed for each user for the next 24 months in advance. Users receive a personalised automated email each month with instruction on how to complete any training courses assigned to them for the coming period.

The database is monitored monthly to see statistics on training completion. Management reports can be generated based on the individual user, line manager, department and the whole business.

Line Managers have specific access to enable them to monitor and review their own staffs’ progress.

For the clients, specialised industry-specific training requirements; EssentialSkillz were able to help them develop a low cost and highly accessible custom course. Using our Content Development Tool (CDT) their course was built, delivered and rolled out to staff in just a few weeks.

Looking to train your employees in key health and safety practices? Visit our course library to see our online training catalogue and speak to one of our sales experts.