Edit any off the shelf content for any LMS with CourseLink

At EssentialSkillz we understand that when you invest in our software, you will have existing systems in place that sometimes we will need to work with. This is something that we embrace as we know that by integrating with your existing systems, you will gain greater value and build further efficiency into your eLearning system.

What is CourseLink?

If you already have a Learning Management System:

CourseLink enables you to launch courses through your LMS, but with the added benefit of being able to edit and re-publish the courses on demand.

Upload Files Once to your LMS

EssentialSkillz provide you with access to our eLearning Authoring tool, WorkWize Author, to edit the courses. Once you republish the course in WorkWize Author, the changes are reflected in the course hosted on your LMS, automatically.

Edit content without the need to re-upload

All EssentialSkillz course content can be edited and re-edited with complete version tracking. The changes are reflected in your LMS without the need to re-upload any files, everything is controlled through CourseLink. You can even create your own courses and update them using the same tool.

Compare our system with the industry standard authoring tool.