Document Sign Off

Ensuring your documents are distributed, read, understood and audit proof

Distribute – With WorkWize Document Sign Off you can deliver any document to your workforce e.g. word doc, PDF, powerpoint, or a webpage. Document distribution can be automated. This means that delivery, reminder emails, and re-enrolment happens without any intervention from an administrator.

Read – Once the document has been automatically sent to an employee, they will receive continuous reminder emails for them to read it. If an employee fails to read the document in time, they will be marked as non-compliant and highlighted in reports within your compliance dashboard.

Understood – Once the document has been read, employees will be required to digitally sign the document. WorkWize Document Sign Off takes  compliance to the next level by allowing you to add a test to each document. Now you’ll have proof that employees have read the document and more importantly – understood it.

Audit trail – WorkWize Document Sign Off maintains a complete audit trail and full version control for all documents. Comprehensive and dynamic reporting is available to give you insight into your document’s compliance levels.


Combine our key features with your existing platform to strengthen your compliance training management.

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