RiskLink Integration

ErgoWize RiskLink Integration

ErgoWize can be integrated with your Learning Management System through RiskLink. This enables users to complete the eLearning and the risk assessment within the main learning environment of your LMS.

The data generated from the risk assessment is seamlessly fed back into WorkWize, allowing administrators to log into WorkWize to manage the risks raised. The end user experience is confined to the third party LMS, which means all training and online employee risk assessments are launched from the same LMS

Here is a breakdown of all the features you receive through RiskLink opposed to the full ErgoWize system.


Full System
ErgoWize Course
DSE Assessment (print only)
DSE Assessment (full)
End user Risk resolution
Escalation of Risk issues to managers
Editable Course
Editable Assessment
Full Management of risk issues
Audit trail of measures taken to reduce risk
View risk by individual or concern (trend analysis)
Automated enrolment on course and assessment
Automated periodic re-enrollment on course and assessment
Full compliance dashboard
Detailed configurable reporting on course and assessment
KPI Reports for course and assessment



Combine our key features with your existing platform to strengthen your compliance training management.

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