Safety Passport

Safety Passporting, Contractor Induction, and Job Function Compliance made easier with SiteWize

SiteWize by EssentialSkillz

The need to demonstrate employee compliance both externally with customers and internally is growing.

Whether part of a tender or bidding process or through the increasing use of Safety Passporting Schemes, being able to demonstrate compliance is now key to winning business and actually getting on site to deliver it.

To allow individual employees access to a site, they will often have to undertake external training as defined by the customer, sign off on the relevant policies and working procedures, and present the evidence. Tracking which employees have been through and successfully completed this procedure is vital if contracts are to be managed effectively and the right people deployed to the right sites.

SiteWize works like this:

  • The employer configures a training requirement with the easy to use template-driven tool.
  • The training requirement can link to external sources of information such as PowerPoint, PDFs or Word Documents hosted anywhere, including sources hosted by the customer.
  • The employee must provide a digital sign off that they have read and understood the document.
  • The employee must then pass a knowledge check test which is recorded against their training profile.
  • If the employee passes the test, they are required to upload the relevant certificates or documents to complete the process.
  • Administrators can see at a glance which users have uploaded the documents, check them to ensure they are valid and then mark the individual as compliant.
  • Administrators can now report on the employees who have completed the required training and provided correct documentation.  

All of the above happens automatically, without any intervention from an administrator and is reported in the Compliance Dashboard.


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