Fraud Prevention Online Training

  • Considers what fraud is.
  • Describes how to recognise, report and prevent fraud.
  • Outlines the core concepts of the fraud triangle, red flags and cybersecurity.



The EssentialSkillz Fraud Prevention online training defines what fraud is and how it affects both employees and organisations. There are numerous examples and case studies throughout the course, from a variety of sectors, that show the different types of fraud that can occur.

The Fraud Prevention training course introduces important fraud prevention topics such as the ‘fraud triangle’ and fraud ‘red flags’. The ‘fraud triangle’ helps employees recognise the signs that fraud might be occurring in their workplace. ‘Red flags’ are common behaviours or procedural issues that can indicate fraud is happening in an organisation.

The course Fraud Prevention course highlights the importance of reporting and whistleblowing in terms of fraud prevention. Employees have an important role to report suspected cases of fraud and this should be matched by organisations having robust reporting and whistleblowing policies and procedures.

The Fraud Prevention training describes how employees and organisations can prevent fraud occurring  internally by employees or externally by customers, suppliers and in some cases by professional criminals. As fraud is also used to exploit gaps in IT security systems and is a growing threat to organisations, the course finishes by reinforcing IT security best practices.

Course Objectives

  • To outline what fraud is.
  • To highlight how employees can recognise and report fraud.
  • To describe how organisations and employees can prevent fraud.

Course Details


On successful completion of the test, users can download and print a certificate.

Duration: 45 Minutes

Test: 70%, infinite attempts, random, 10/20 mandatory

Target Audience:  Employees in any organisation, sector or jurisdiction