Fire Safety Online Training

The EssentialSkillz Fire Safety online training highlights the core information your employees need in order to stay safe if a fire were to break out. The online course describes potential fire hazards in the workplace, explains how to prevent fires and details the actions to take in the event of a fire.


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Fires can break out at any time, and have the potential to cause significant damage, both to property and human life. Given the risks, it is vital that your workforce know what to do if a fire was to start. Training in advance – so that clear decision can be made and panic does not set in – is crucial.

The EssentialSkillz Fire Safety eLearning course provides essential information about what to do if a fire breaks out, including how to raise the alarm, who to contact and how and where to evacuate. The online course describes the fire triangle – the chemical reaction between heat, fuel and an oxidising agent (usually oxygen) that cause fires – and explores how fires start, how they develop, and how they spread. It explains what to look out for in relation to potential fire hazards in the workplace, particularly focusing on carelessness and the misuse of electrical appliances.

An important part of the course describes fire signage and the ways it communicates messages relating to fire safety. Fire evacuation forms a central element, and the course explains correct procedures for evacuation, including assembly and safe return to the building.

The online course outlines the different classifications of fires and explains which type of fire extinguisher to use in different situations. Basic first aid advice is also included.

Like all the EssentialSkillz courses, this Fire Safety eLearning course can be customised to meet your needs, enabling your workforce to understand the specific policies and procedures you have developed for your organisation, including specified fire evacuation routes and assembly points. A designated course administrator can use our integrated authoring tool to edit the text and images within the course, and link to organisation-specific documentation, all at no extra cost.

Main Sections within the course:

  •  Fire Safety Introduction
  •  Fire Prevention
  •  Emergency Evacuation

Target Audience:

The Fire Safety course is specifically targeted at anyone affected by fire safety awareness and who needs to be trained in fire safety procedures.

Course Objectives:

  •      To explain how fires happen and the different causes of fires.
  •      To recognise the role individuals play in preventing fires.
  •      To know what to do in the event of a fire.
  •      To recognise fire hazards in the workplace.
  •      To describe how to evacuate a building during a fire emergency.
  •      To explain what to do if you discover a fire
  •      To show how fires are classified.
  •      To explain the operation of common fire extinguishers and the importance of using the right type of extinguisher      on each type of fire.


Once the 40 minute course is completed, users will be required to take a final test consisting of as default, 10 required questions from a bank of 20 questions.  Your course administrator can define pass rates appropriate for your organisation and decide to implement the random test question feature. On successful completion of the test, users can download and print off a RoSPA approved certificate.


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