Health and safety guide for a reduced workforce

Reduced Workforce Guide

In 2022, a growing number of businesses have moved, or are in the process of moving, to a hybrid working model. As such, employers now have staff working from various locations, coming and going between home and the workplace. On top of this, staff shortages continue to plague many sectors and absences are rife.

In reality, very few organisations are operating in exactly the same way they were pre-pandemic, meaning most will need to revisit the measures they have in place. Whether you’ve shed staff over the last two years, or they are now working from home, now is the time to pause and take stock.

This eBook explores the five key areas to review when operating a reduced workforce to ensure you continue to meet your health and safety obligations, as well as top tips for ensuring safety is maintained through workforce changes.

The eBook covers these five key areas:

  • Fire wardens and fire safety management
  • Monitoring and regular maintenance
  • Lone working
  • First aiders
  • Employee supervision

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