Integration with your software

We know you have existing systems in place, so we want to work with them.

At EssentialSkillz we understand that when you invest in our software, you will have existing systems in place that sometimes we will need to work with. This is something that we embrace as we know that by integrating with your existing systems, you will gain greater value and build further efficiency into your eLearning system.

Fully editable off the shelf content for any LMS

If you already have a Learning Management System:

CourseLink enables you to launch courses through your LMS, but with the added benefit of being able to edit and re-publish the courses on demand.

Upload Files Once to your LMS

EssentialSkillz provide you with access to our eLearning Authoring tool, O-LAS Author, to edit the courses. Once you republish the course in O-LAS Author, the changes are reflected in the course hosted on your LMS, automatically.

Edit content without the need to re-upload

All EssentialSkillz course content can be edited and re-edited with complete version tracking. The changes are reflected in your LMS without the need to re-upload any files, everything is controlled through CourseLink. You can even create your own courses and update them using the same tool.



PolicyLink provides the ability to launch WorkWize policy compliance modules directly from your LMS. Users launch the policies in the same way that they launch eLearning courses. They can read the policy, sign off and take the test, all from your LMS. The EssentialSkillz O-LAS LMS seamlessly handles the signature process behind the scenes and also enables you to create new policies ready for sign off through your LMS.

RiskLink has unique functionality that enables a third party LMS to launch an employee risk assessment. The data generated from the risk assessment is seamlessly fed back into O-LAS, allowing administrators to log into O-LAS to manage the risk raised. The end user experience is confined to the third party LMS which provides the benefit of having all training and online employee risk assessments launched from the same LMS, but maintaining the powerful features of O-LAS for risk management.

DataLink+ is an interface between your third-party software (LMS, HR System, Training Management System etc.) and O-LAS, allowing for the two way transfer of data. The purpose of this is to both automate the import of user data into O-LAS and to allow for O-LAS to send completion results to your third-party software. This can be a fully automated process.

SFTP automates the import of user data into O-LAS. This is a one-way or two-way process which provides O-LAS with a file which is automatically picked up and imported by our software. O-LAS can also feed back a user completion file for your system using the same method. New users will be added to the system and leavers will be archived. This can be scheduled as a daily, weekly or monthly task.

Single Sign On (SSO) provides clients with a seamless log in to O-LAS. The process will check the users machine for a sign on (for example Windows) and use these credentials to log in to O-LAS, bypassing the need to manually enter a username and password in O-LAS.

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