Compliance Training Courses Online

GDPR, Fraud, Cyber Security, Modern Slavery, the list of Compliance Training Courses organisations are required to maintain gets longer every year…

Why complete compliance training courses online?

  1. Online Compliance Training means there is an audit trail to show when an employee has completed a training course.  There should also be a record of the score they achieved on any test or assessment.
  2. It’s easier to organise than classroom training: Rather than summoning groups to a central location, training can be undertaken remotely, with the assurance that each learner benefits from the same course material, delivered in the same way. This removes any ambiguity which may be introduced by different presenters in separate locations.
  3. Re-Training is quicker, faster and more cost effective: When legislation in updated, it’s much easier to roll out a latest version of an online compliance course than re-present it live.
  4. Online compliance training can also be delivered in a timely way to new starters without them having to wait months to be enrolled on a course.



What Compliance training does EssentialSkillz offer?

EssentialSkillz offers two comprehensive pack of Compliance focused online training courses.

Business Protection Online Training Pack

This pack contains 16 courses and addresses the key areas of Risk and Governance Training which organisations face today.

All the courses in the pack are certified for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) by and certificates are available on request.

The Pack includes GDPR, Fraud, Bribery, Cyber Security and Modern Slavery plus 11 more critical compliance issues:
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Health and Safety Online Training Pack

This pack covers 30 vital Health & Safety topics.  From Asbestos Awareness to Working at Height, all the major areas of Health & Safety are addressed.

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How can you complete Compliance Training Online?

EssentialSkillz Online Training or eLearning can be distributed in several ways depending on your organisations size and requirements.

Larger organisations looking to distribute online training to large numbers of employees usually rely on a Learning Management System or LMS.

If you already have an LMS in place EssentialSkillz course packs can be purchased as SCORM only files.

If you don’t have an LMS or it does not have the capability to track, report and manage compliance gaps for essential training then we offer WorkWize LMS.  

WorkWize LMS is designed specifically with the demands of Compliance training in mind.

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If you only require online training for a limited number of employees and want to purchase courses on an individual basis, we offer a full range of Compliance Training Courses on a PAYG basis through our eLearning shop