Course Development

At EssentialSkillz we have always believed in empowering our customers.  We want to provide you with the tools to manage and track your training, and this includes building courses using our intuitive, integrated Course Authoring tool.

We also understand that sometimes, you simply don’t have the resources or in-house skills to sit down and write an eLearning course, no matter how intuitive the Authoring tool is.

We offer a very cost effective Course Authoring service to our clients. Using the same tool that is built into our LMS, we can develop a fully editable and interactive course that might take other companies weeks – in just days. And because we are faster at developing courses than most other companies, we are also much more cost effective.

Simply provide us with a Powerpoint or Word document with the course content and we will handle it from there.

Because our courses are fully editable in our LMS, by you, you will be able to amend the course in the future, at no further cost. Contact us for a quote.