Online DSE Assessment

Software that helps large organisations to achieve DSE / VDU compliance across your entire workforce

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DSE Compliance made easy

When rolling out DSE compliance across a large organisation there are several challenges. Firstly you need employees and their managers to engage and have the ability to track who is and isn't currently assessed. Secondly, once the assessments are complete the real work of resolving the issues that they bring to light starts.

Many DSE systems help employees through the assessment process and are good at creating a large log of issues that need addressing.  ErgoWize goes two steps further, firstly it coaches users and helps them self resolve up to 70% of minor issues during the assessment. Secondly, our reporting dashboard helps to group issues together in practically any way you want to see them for example, by issue, by location or by department. Our "Bulk resolution" function allows common themes to be addressed and resolved en masse, speeding up the process of working through the non compliance log and allowing you to focus more time on resolving high risk individual issues.

The key benefits of using ErgoWize for your DSE assessment are:

  • Identify DSE related hazards, decide who may be harmed, evaluate risks and implement controls
  • Know how to set up a workstation including: keyboard, mouse, display screen, software, chair, work surface, work environment, taking into account the use of laptops and tablets and be familiar with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) workstation checklist
  • Provide advice on how to improve posture and wellbeing e.g. positioning of the head, upper and lower back, arms and wrists, legs and feet, including taking breaks to reduce fatigue and visual problems
  • Evaluate your controls to ensure you get the best practical option to control the risks
  • Edit risk assessment templates to suit your needs