Policy Compliance

Ensuring your policies are distributed, read and understood

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Policy Compliance covers a wide range of areas from essential Health and Safety requirements to Hygiene in food and medical settings through to data security, anti bribery and "Fit and Proper" tests for those in Professional and Financial Services.

In an increasingly litigious culture there is the ever present threat of a corporate scandal if an organisation falls foul of ever more onerous and rapidly changing regulations.

What might once have been a minor incident that at best made a footnote in the local paper can be publicised around the world in minutes through social media like Twitter and Facebook, with all the associated consequences for reputational and financial damage to an organisation.

Improving the understanding of and compliance with policies in organisations has become a priority.  Rather than convoluted trains of emails or antique paper trails, more and more organisations are seeking a simple robust solution to roll out and report compliance.

WorkWize is designed to systematically disseminate key policies to staff and give an audit trail of each policy being read and accepted. This completely replaces any paper based ad-hoc system in place and ensures you can stay on top of compliance.

Visit WorkWize.com to see full details of this as a standalone solution.

Alternatively, we offer integration options allowing you to connect WorkWize either to your existing LMS, or provide it as a module in our O-LAS LMS.​

Five Policy Compliance tips for organisations:

  • Have you identified the main areas of risk for your business?
  • Does your company have a compliance policy in place for each of them?
  • To whom does the compliance policy apply, and are the policies rolled out appropriately?
  • How do you monitor compliance?
  • Is there a robust legally enforceable audit trail for compliance?