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Here at EssentialSkillz, we do eLearning a little differently. We believe our customers deserve the best support possible, and our Support team strive to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations at every opportunity.
When you become an EssentialSkillz customer, the person who guided you through the sales process will be your first line of support. They understand you and your company and they know why you invested in WorkWize. They are the natural choice to be there whenever you need a helping hand.
Each of our clients is ably assisted and supported by our extensive support team. This team is dedicated to helping you get your account up and running, and making sure you get the very best out of your WorkWize account.
Our team consists of 20 specialists offering around the clock assistance for our customers. 97% of our customers rate us as good to excellent and we respond to 80% of support queries in less than 30 minutes.
“Our support team outnumbers our sales team at 3 to 1 which is how every company should be”

 Julian Roberts, CEO

95% customer retention

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18+ years of experience


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500+ Blue Chip customers

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WorkWize Administrator Webinars

WorkWize is an intuitive and easy to use system. Our support team know how to get the very best out of every feature, and we want to share this expertise with our customers.
We host regular online seminars covering every aspect of the WorkWize system, whether you are a new administrator looking to learn the basics or an experienced admin who wants to brush up on some new features, we will tailor our training to work for you.
Choose which session you would like to attend and schedule a date and time using the form below, or reach out to the support team directly.

Rapid document and policy authoring

Introducing changes to procedure has never been easier. Learn how to instantly create new policies, documents and assessments and roll them out across your organisation. Our version control feature keeps track of any amendments you make, so you always have a highly detailed audit trail.

Limitless management and reporting options

WorkWize helps you customise privileges and capabilities for every admin to ensure that the right managers have the right access. Use highly configurable data fields to sort individuals by the smallest detail, and group them together in any way imaginable. Combine this feature with our reporting dashboard, and the possibilities are endless.

Don't just take our word for it

With over 80% of support queries dealt within 30 minutes, it’s safe to say that you are in good hands with our support team, we have three main ways of contact, telephone, live chat, and email.
Here are the latest stats from our customers:

I was taken care of Immediately

Between 10 to 30 minutes

Between 30 minutes to an hour

Between 2 and 4 hours

More than 4 hours


*This data is based on feedback from 233 customers who carried out this survey. 

WorkWize Implementation FAQs

Customer support is incredibly important to us at Essentialskillz. While WorkWize is intuitive and easy to use, we know that sometimes questions will arise. In order to help you get the very best out of our system, here are answers to some of our most common questions.

Welcome onboard! Now that you have chosen WorkWize for your online learning, our Support team will work with you to get your account up and running.

Step 1: Account Configuration

Your account will be assigned to a designated member of our support team who will guide you through every step of the way. Our WorkWize Onboarding training will give you an overview of the setup process, and give you a first look at your new account. Once this training is complete, our support team will work with you to get things started and determine how we can customise WorkWize to get the very most out of it for you and your users.

Step 2: Staff Data

Our next step is to get your user data uploaded to your new account. We will help you decide what information to include and send you a user import template to populate. We will automate the process of user data management fully by configuring a SFTP( Secure File Transfer Protocol) from your HR/IT system to WorkWize.

Step 3: Administrator Training

Now that your account is set up and your staff data is in place, we want to show you around. Your designated support contact will schedule an online training session for you so that you can get familiar with your new account, and learn about all of the functions and features that will enable you to administrate your account.

Step 4: Pilot

Once you have familiarised yourself with your new WorkWize account, you’re going to want to start rolling out training to your staff. We always recommend an initial pilot rollout with a handful of staff, as this will allow you to see the process in action, and make any necessary adjustments before going live to all of your users. This also gives us a chance to talk you through the enrolment process to ensure you are completely confident and ready when the full enrolments come around.

Step 5: Roll Out

You’re ready to go! Your account is configured, staff data is in place, you’ve been trained and you’ve completed your pilot roll-out. The last step in the set up process for your Workwize account, will be rolling out enrolments en masse to all of your staff. You can select a start date and create your first wave of enrolments. Our support team will be on hand with advice and to answer any questions that you might have.

At EssentialSkillz we understand the importance of data security. Every WorkWize account has an integrated file storage system called the FileExchange. This enables you to securely upload your staff data and avoid the need to send sensitive information via email. The FileExchange will be available throughout the life of your WorkWize account so that you always have a method to update your data in a secure and reliable manner.
The FileExchange is an integrated file storage system which allows you to securely send and receive staff data. This negates any need to send sensitive information via email. At EssentialSkillz we understand the importance of data security. The FileExchange will be available throughout the life of your WorkWize account so that you always have a method to update your data in a secure and reliable manner.

Usernames serve two important purposes in WorkWize. They are used by your users to log in and access their training They are also used by the system to identify users. With this in mind, there are two important factors to consider when choosing a username.

  1. Usernames should be something with which your users are already familiar
  2. Usernames must be unique

Luckily your company will most likely have already assigned unique identifiers to your staff. The most common example (and our most popular username) is a staff Email Address. We always recommend this as a username as it is easy for your staff to remember, and we know that it will always be unique to each user.

If some of your users don’t have a staff email, then the next best option will be a Staff ID or Payroll number. Both of these values are unique to each individual and will be recognisable to your users.

Our support team will work with you to select a username that will work best for you.

Emails from WorkWize allow your users to keep up to date on their current enrolments and any outstanding training. However, if some of your users do not have their own email address, those emails can instead be sent to their manager or supervisor. You can customise and control both the frequency and content of system emails.
Yes, you can. When creating the template for your user profiles, we will design an organisational structure which best reflects your own internal departmental setup. Your users can then be assigned to their correct location/department/team within this organisational structure. This will make it much easier for you to assign administrator permissions and will make your reporting much more comprehensive and versatile. New departments can be added to your organisational structure at any time.
WorkWize gives you a number of options when assigning permissions for your managers. You can customise which users a manager will have visibility over, as well as what level of access a manager will have over their users. There are two ways to decide which users a manager should have access to: Managers can be assigned to view users from a specific department or location from your organisation structure. Users can be assigned to a specific manager, and that manager can be configured to view their direct reports. There are a range of admin levels which allow you to fine-tune exactly which functions and features individual managers will need access to. Our support team can explain the differences between different manager levels, and make recommendations based on your specific needs.
Yes, you can. WorkWize enables you to add as much detail as required to user profiles. By default, each user profile is made up of a Name, Username, Email Address and Company Unit (location within your organisational structure). These basic fields can be supplemented with additional information about your users. Extra fields can be used to augment your reporting, help with enrolments, or give greater flexibility when assigning admin permissions. Once you have decided on what user data to include, our support team will send you a customised template for your data file.
All of our course material is fully customisable, and you can make edits directly through WorkWize, using our Course Development Tool (CDT). To help get you started, our content team will host a training session to demonstrate how you can customise your new courses.

We understand that you want to make your users’ online learning experience as seamless as possible. To this end, there are a number of ways that WorkWize can be customized. For starters, it doesn’t have to be called WorkWize!

System Name: You can change the system name to something which will be recognisable for your users.

Email Alias: Customise the way that emails appear to your users to ensure they can access their training.

SPF Email: Configure system emails to come from your own server.

Branding: Your own company branding can be applied to your course frames, certificates, login page and system banners.

Course and Assessment edits: Add company specific advice to tailor your user’s learning experience.

Single Sign-On: This allows users to access their online training by logging into one of your existing internal systems. This simplifies the online training process for both you and your users.

Up to date user data allows you to get the very best out of your Learning Management System. There are a number of automations and integrations that can be set up to maintain your user data.

SFTP: Secure File Transfer Protocol allows you to use the staff data from your internal systems to update the user profiles in WorkWize. This automated upload can be set daily, weekly, or on specific days of the month.

Datalink / Rest API: Your IT team can interface directly with the WorkWize system. This can be used to request information on reports or completions or to update the user data that is stored in WorkWize.

Customer support is incredibly important to us at Essentialskillz. While WorkWize is intuitive and easy to use, we know that sometimes questions will arise and we want to help you get the very best out of our system. We have a number of different ways of helping to ensure that you can always find an answer to your questions.

Video Guides: A series of short video guides will walk and talk you through all of the common functions and tasks in the WorkWize system.

Administrator Guides: A detailed admin guide, tailored to your admin level, can be downloaded in PDF format directly from the Help section in your WorkWize account.

System Tours: There is an integrated tour built into WorkWize which will show you around the system and highlight your key admin functions.

Live Chat: You have a live chat built into your admin profile. Talk with our support team in real time to find quick and detailed answers to your questions. (8am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday)

Email and Phone: Our Support team can also be reached via email at [email protected] or on the phone at 01244 911 677.

Yes, we offer training to each of our new accounts. Once your account has been configured, your designated member of our support team will host an online training session to show you each of the features and facets of your WorkWize account. If you ever feel like you would benefit from a refresher training session, reach out to our support team and we will schedule it for you.

Moving to EssentialSkillz

Moving to a new Learning Management System (LMS) is a big decision. With Essentialskillz, you will receive first class implementation and support as part of your transition. We will guide you through the process and ensure a seamless transition for you and your users.
How do we enhance your experience and successfully transition you to WorkWize?
  • Assist with the migration of your data, provide you with all of the templates you need to incorporate your data into WorkWize.
  • Import your SCORM packages, set up your surveys and create your company policies via our policy sign off tool.
  • Configure all of your learner data associated with your courses.
  • Assign a dedicated Product Implementation Manager to liaise with you through each process.
  • Assign a dedicated developer to migrate all of your data and set up any technical integrations.

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