Premium Support as Standard

Friendly, Professional and Yours - the way support is supposed to be

EssentialSkillz is a little different to other eLearning suppliers. We believe that our customers deserve the best support we can provide.

When you become an EssentialSkillz customer, the person that sold you the system will also be your first line of support. They understand you and your company and they know why you invested in the software. They are the natural choice to be there when you need a helping hand.

But, as one of our clients, you will also have access when required to our dedicated support team. This is a team focused purely on setting up our clients and supporting them.

If you are an WorkWize Administrator and need support now, please contact us using one of the methods below:

Call Us UK: +44 1244 911677

Call Us US: +1 844 346 8646

Email: [email protected]