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EssentialSkillz Courses
Automatic Version Control
Unlimited Use Subscriptions
80+ EssentialSkillz Courses
10+ Online Self Risk Assessments
Minimum Subscription Period 12 months 12 months 12 months
Significant Volume Discounts
2 Year Subscription Discount 5% 5% 5%
3 Year Subscription Discount 10% 10% 10%
3rd party Courses (Single Use)
Asbestos Awareness UKATA Certified
IOSH Managing Safely
Rapid Author & LMS
Policy Sign Off
eLearning Courses
Number of Nuggets, Policies and Courses Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Authors Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Get Authoring with 2.5 hours of training
Audit log & version control
People Risk Management Module
DSE+ Self Risk Assessments
Bespoke Self Risk Assessments
User self resolution or escalation
Custom risk escalation path
Custom risk re-assignment
Low Cost of Ownership
HSE Management Standards Survey
Training Needs Analysis
Incident & Accident Reporting
User Document Upload
Instructor-Led Training Records
Automated Workflows
Auto Compliance
Automatic enrolment (and re-enrolement?)
Continuous re-enrolment
Periodic refreshers
Non compliance reporting
Compliance Dashboard
Dynamic reporting
User Management
Number of Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Automated User Uploads
Extra User fields Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Departments 100 Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Hierarchical Tiers 2 5 5
Automated User Emails 2 Unlimited Unlimited
Custom User Groups
Custom User Emails
Administrator Management
Number of Administrators 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Administrator Levels 1 5 5
Automated Administrator Emails 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Custom Administrator Emails
Custom Administrator Access
Cost per hour £95 £95 £95
Hour estimate 3 12 TBA
Estimated cost £285 £1,140 TBA
Organisational Tree Setup
Automated User Uploads
System email alias
Custom domain emails (SPF emails)
System name customisation
Award Winning Support
Administrator Training & Support
Interactive Tours
Online Chat
System News
Secure File Exchange
System Configuration
Service Level Agreement
Outsourced Admin Service £95/hr £95/hr £95/hr
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Dedicated Account Manager
Automated User Updates (SFTP)
Course, Policy & Topic Link
Risk Link
Data Link+ (API)
Single Sign On (SSO)
Corporate branding
White label system
Liability limit 100% 200% 300%
Master Service Agreement
Data Processing Agreement
Service Level Agreement
Terminate at will
Custom Contract
Extra Services
Bespoke Content Development
Account Closure Pack
Compliance Code Setup
Configure Custom User Fields
User Permissions Configuration eLearning
Main Admin Training (Level 1)
Training Other Admins
Download Certificates in Bulk