eLearning Case Study

What Cox Automotive needed:

  • The client needed to deliver, track and manage 55 training courses across their entire workforce. 31 of these courses needed to be tailored to reflect their internal policies and procedures.
  • With a number of business groups under their purview, the client needed to be able to assign and restrict admin privileges to specific users throughout their organisation.
  • Finally, to drastically improve their compliance rate, Cox Automotive required a system that could highlight instances of non-compliance and provide detailed reports on every aspect of their performance.


What EssentialSkillz delivered:

  • Utilising the WorkWize Authoring Tool, Cox Automotive can instantly create, adapt and update their training in-house at no extra cost.
  • Admins can now assign permissions to specific individuals to ensure that managers have the right level of access to key information.
  • By using our LMS to streamline the compliance process, Cox Automotive were able to significantly increase their compliance rates from 49% in 2017 to 96% in 2019.

'Our long-standing partnership with Cox Automotive is a true indication of the amazing results that we can help our clients achieve.’