WorkWize Authoring Tool

WorkWize Author makes creating interactive courses simple. Rapidly design, build and implement engaging training courses and materials in just a few clicks.

  • Create relevant training and policies for your organisation
  • Easily customise our courses to suit your needs
  • Maintain full version control of every course you create
  • Integrate our versatile authoring tool into your existing LMS


Introducing WorkWize Author 2.0

Our user-friendly authoring tool has everything your team needs to create truly engaging and relevant training courses.

Edit our courses - or create your own. Add new scripts, images, videos, presentations and interactions - with no coding experience required. Keep track of any changes you make with our version control functionality.

Already have an LMS? WorkWize Author can be integrated into your existing system, giving you the power to create truly relevant and engaging eLearning courses whenever you need them.


Document & policy authoring

Instantly upload and deploy documents and policies and roll them out across your organisation in just a few clicks. Maintain full version control of your documentation and keep track of any changes to build a strong audit trail.

Our sign-off feature tests users understanding of new policies and procedures and confirms their acceptance. All sign-offs are archived on your system, creating a strong audit trail that can be recalled at any point for future reference.


This feature can be used in any LMS

Confirm and sign the Policy

Please click on the link below and confirm you have read and you are accepting the policy.

Link to policy
I agree to the policy


Fully editable interactions & templates

Eliminate costs to development and resources with a range of pre-built templates that allow you to create engaging training courses in minutes - not days.

Add a range of interactions including questionnaires, drag and drops, comparisons and scenarios to engage your users, vary your training and improve user retention.


Author Tool v2 | Webinar Recording

It is now even easier to create and edit courses by adding new templates. These new templates allow you to add advanced interactions to further engage learners.

This webinar guides you through WorkWize Author v2, looking at all of the new templates in detail and how to implement them in your system.


Identify, prioritise and resolve risk with a solution that makes your entire risk management process simple.

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Combine our key features with your existing platform to strengthen your compliance training management.

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