Modern Slavery: Is your organisation complicit?

Fri 24th November 10:00-11:00 GMT

Modern Slavery has been making the news, with even the police recognising the difficulty of spotting the victims and taking action. In order to comply with the Act, what do organisations need to have in place?

In this 60-Minute Webinar Anthony Blenkey Director of Assurance & Advisory within the Governance, Risk & Assurance Team at Moore Stephens and Julian Roberts CEO at EssentialSkillz examine the Modern Slavery Act. 

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  • The penalties in place for non-compliance with the Act and related legislation (they may be more serious than you realise...).
  • How to train staff to spot at-risk individuals and who to tell.
  • The actions that should be taken when suspicions are reported.
  • How to maintain healthy procurement practices by utilising key indicators.
  • Develop and demonstrate supply chain due diligence.
  • The risks of outsourced recruitment.
  • The importance of training and a policy audit trail to ensure compliance with the act.
  • Understand the risks and leverage the benefits.

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