Instructor Led Training Module

Instructor Led Training Module

The Instructor Led Training (ILT) Module is an add-on for our feature rich O-LAS LMS. It allows for the enrolling, tracking and reporting of ILT alongside eLearning.

Using the intuitive LMS tools, you are able to create ILT courses and enrol employees on the course. Once the course has been completed, you are then able to upload an attendance sheet, indicate agreed or non-agreed absences and allocate a score to each employee that attended.

A certificate can also be uploaded for each individual that attended the course or, O-LAS can generate a certificate and show the score achieved in any end-of-course test.

Best of all, the training is recorded against each individual’s training record in O-LAS, giving a complete history of both face to face training and eLearning. Of course, you can also use the powerful reporting tools built in to O-LAS for reporting on historic ILT training sessions.

The ILT Module from EssentialSkillz:

  • Fully integrated into the EssentialSkillz LMS (O-LAS)
  • Track ILT training along side eLearning
  • Upload attendance sheets
  • Mark agreed or non-agreed absences
  • Allocate scores to trainees
  • Report on all training
  • Easy to use interface